The Dead Space Line Gun location

Dead Space Line Gun
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The Dead Space Line Gun is easy to miss, but it's in Chapter 5, just past the clinic and inside a locked Medical Emergency Equipment storage room. The Line Gun is up there as one of the most powerful Dead Space Weapons, but it's also easy to miss, as you're likely being pursued by a deadly, regenerating necromorph and don't even know that it's there to find in the first place. For that reason, we'll explain how to find the Line Gun in the Dead Space Remake, including a clear map and instructions on how to get it yourself.

Dead Space Line Gun location

The one location you can get the Line Gun in Dead Space is in Medical Emergency Equipment Storage, shown on the map below. These instructions will lead you there specifically.

  1. In Chapter 5 of Dead Space, "Lethal Devotion", follow the main story until you meet Mercer in person.
  2. Afterwards listening to him talk, you'll be attacked by a creature that won't die, even when dismembered, and have to wait for the door to be opened so you can escape.
  3. Escape the creature as instructed, then follow the objective to the Clinic to lift the lockdown.
  4. Head into the Emergency Room, and use the generator to return power to the door and access ER Hallway A.
  5. On the right as you go through, you'll see the Medical Emergency Equipment Storage, which requires a Dead Space security clearance of level 2 to open.
  6. The Line Gun is on the floor in the middle of the room.

Dead Space weapons and guns

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The Line Gun is pretty lethal, and serves as a kind of heavy-duty Plasma Cutter, coming equipped with mines and generally able to shred a Necromorph - though it's not as flexible and universally applicable as some of the smaller weapons, especially considering it chews through ammunition.

By the way, soon after this you'll be exploring Hydroponics, and are likely to get stuck looking for the Dead Space Deck Systems keycard - but we can give you that knowledge in advance. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

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