Dead Space guide and everything you need to know

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Our Dead Space guide will help you survive a tough game, and we've got everything you need to know here - from combat tips to puzzle solutions, to side quests and loot locations! The USG Ishimura is full of perilous foes and antagonists who manage to be gloopy and spiky at the same time, but we'll cover how to beat them and find a chance to escape - and much, much more - in the guides linked below. Read on for everything you need to know about the Dead Space Remake.

How long is Dead Space?

Dead Space

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How long is Dead Space? How long will you be trapped in this lethal station? How many chapters are there, and what's the difference between a "just-story" experience and one where you're determined to get 100% completion? Our page covers all that, so you know just how much horror you can fit into your working week.

Tips and tricks

Dead Space tips

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Finding yourself stuck? Sick of running out of ammo? Can't work out the best way to fight the alien horrors? Our Dead Space tips will help you get to grips with the game and the systems involved. Take them to heart and eventually you'll find yourself slicing all the worst threats to ribbons before they can even make their first screech.


Dead Space weapons and guns

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Where are all the Dead Space Weapons, and what are the best ones? Isaac's arsenal ranges from shockwave shotguns to sawblade projectors to laser beams, but considering ammo is scarce, what should you actually be focusing on? We'll cover all the best weapons in Dead Space below, and where you can grab them.

Suits and rig upgrades

Dead Space Suit upgrades rig

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Want to armor up with all the Dead Space Suit Upgrades and associated schematics? Isaac's Rig is a pretty weedy thing to begin with, but there's six levels to work through, each one of which has its own requirements to unlock accordingly. 

Security clearance

Dead Space security clearance

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As you explore the game you'll find doors, crates and lockers that require various degrees of security clearance to break inside. It's worth doing though, so we've explained how to get every level of Dead Space security clearance at the link provided!

Master Override and Crew Rigs

Dead Space master override crew rigs

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Partway through the game you'll be given the You Are Not Authorized side-mission, where you can find seven crew Rigs around the game to get the special Master Override, which opens up some of the best treasures on the Ishimura. To get it for yourself, use our guide on the Dead Space crew rigs and Master Override!

Fuel Station keycard

Dead Space Fuel Station Keycard

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Stuck refuelling the Ishimura's engines? You need the Dead Space Fuel Station keycard! Concealed in an easily-hidden dead end, we'll show you not just where to find it, but also what you can do with it and what doors it'll crack open.

Centrifuge puzzle

Dead Space centrifuge

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Isaac's an engineer, so logically every now and then you've got to fix something. The Dead Space Centrifuge is the first example of such; a confusing anti-grav affair where spinning clutches prove a puzzle for any fledgling player. Our page clears up the issue and reveals which powers you'll need to get the centrifuge working again.

Deck Systems keycard

Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard

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If you're feeling trapped in hydroponics, that might be because you've yet to find the Dead Space Deck Systems keycard, an integral part of the electronics you can use to control the local systems and progress. If you're feeling stuck, check out the attached map on where to find this essential component.

Comms Array puzzle

dead space comms array

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Isaac's back on the job, as this time it's the Dead Space Comms Array that needs fixing after a bout of sabotage. What follows is a complex puzzle about building a path from the generator to the array using preset pieces and connectors, working out how to fit them together along the way. For those who feel understandably confused, our Comms Array puzzle solution will take the edge off in an instant.

Z-Ball Prizes

Dead Space Z-Ball Rewards

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GOAL! Z-Ball is a strange little mini-game you can find in the game's later stages, an anti-gravity and telekinesis sport in which you float about slinging balls. But is it worth the hassle, especially with tentacle babies shooting at you? Our page on the Dead Space Z-Ball rewards will help you understand what awaits any sports champions.

The Marker

Dead Space Marker

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Much of this game's plot centers around the Red Marker, a strange, eldritch sculpture that's presumably not dangerous in any way. For those who want a spoiler-riddled explainer on what the Marker is, how it works and where it came from, our summary on the Dead Space Marker will provide everything you need. 

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