The Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle solution

Dead Space centrifuge
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The Dead Space centrifuge puzzle needs you to use both Stasis and Kinesis together to control the clutches and install them in the centrifuge. It's a simple solution, but a little confusing regardless, as players are still probably learning how to use these powers in tandem when it comes to puzzle solution. For that reason, we'll go into further detail about what's needed in our guide to the Dead Space centrifuge puzzle below.

How to activate the Dead Space Centrifuge

The Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle can be solved in several steps I've outlined for you below:

  1. Anti-Grav fly to the opposite walkway and recharge your Stasis if needed.
  2. Float down to the centrifuge and the spinning generators on the arms.
  3. For each "clutch generator module", use Stasis to slow it down.
  4. Then, while slowed, used Kinesis to slide it into the centrifuge.
  5. Insert both clutches as mentioned above.
  6. When done, float back up to the main control panel on the walkway overlooking and click "restart centrifuge."

Dead Space centrifuge

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If you're like me, the tricky bit here is recognising the importance of Stasis. It had been a while since the last puzzle that required the time-slowing power, so it might not be your first impulse to try Stasis-ing the spinning clutches - but the centrifuge won't accept them while they're spinning too fast.

Dead Space tips and tricks

Dead Space tips

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Use our Dead Space tips to become a true master of survival horror.

Once you've completed the puzzle above, the centrifuge will cause all oxygen to vent from the room - whoops - and you won't have long to get out. Take the elevator behind you and use the walkway curving around the room (avoiding the spinning generator and necromorphs). There'll be oxygen refills in some of the alcoves you can shelter in, until you reach the next elevator and can follow the next walkway around the airlock.

Of course, that's not the only puzzle in the game. Later on you'll have to sort out the Dead Space Comms Array - for info on that, check the link provided.

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