How to solve the Stellar Blade Monorail power puzzle

Stellar Blade Monorail Power puzzle
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The Stellar Blade Monorail power puzzle asks you to boot up the old transit system and "activate the rail by supplying power". With four levels of power to split across the various elements of the system and varying levels of power required, it's framed as filling up blocks of energy… but it's hardly intuitive, and frankly not very well explained. I'll lay out the solution below, as well as how the Monorail power puzzle in Stellar Blade actually works.

How to activate the rail by supplying power in Stellar Blade

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The solution to the monorail power puzzle in Stellar Blade is to take the four energy units of… something, and distribute them in the six empty slots in the following order, left to right.

  • 3
  • 8
  • (empty)
  • 6
  • (empty)
  • 1

The way it works is that when power is put in a slot, it's evenly spread across the two readout meters connected to it. So if you put 8 power into a slot, the two meters attached on either side are then filled with four power each. So by splitting it up in the order shown above, you can fill up the rightmost meter by using both the 3 and 8 to fill it.

Once this is done, head back up to the platform and interact with the now-illuminated display to summon the monorail to the station. This will act as a means to ferry Eve to the next area, the "Flooded Commercial Section". And if you're headed there, you might want to check out our page on Stellar Blade passcodes, as there's quite a few ahead of you.

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