All Dead Space Z-Ball rewards

Dead Space Z-Ball Rewards
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The Dead Space Z-Ball rewards in the lockers are worth it if you want to be well-equipped, with huge credits, ammo and even an upgrade Node to be won. However, it's not mandatory, and there's nothing in the lockers that you can't technically find somewhere else - so don't worry about losing anything exclusive, like some Dead Space Suit Upgrades for your Rig. However, for those who want to know what they can find, here are all the Dead Space Z-Ball Rewards and how you get them.

All Z-Ball locker rewards in the Dead Space Remake

There are six separate Z-Ball rewards found in the Dead Space Remake, unlocked sequentially for each level or tier you complete. In order, they are:

  1. Pulse Rounds
  2. Contact Energy
  3. Force Energy
  4. 1200 Credits
  5. Ruby Semiconductor (worth 10,000 Credits)
  6. Node

Dead Space Z-Ball Rewards

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Dead Space Remake Deck Systems Keycard

Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard

(Image credit: EA)

Find the Dead Space Deck Systems keycard in the depths of the Ishimura here!

Clearly while the early rewards aren't quite so important, the bounty of Credits supplied by a Ruby Semiconductor and the chance to get new Nodes for upgrading your suit and Dead Space Weapons are clearly a bigger deal - in fact, if you sell the Semiconductor, you get precisely the right amount of money to buy another Node from the store, or put it towards an even more expensive purchase like a weapon upgrade schematic. Either way - high value. These rewards are in the sealed lockers directly opposite you when you leave the arena, with one unlocking each time you complete a round.

So yes, we advise completing the Z-Ball challenge in Chapter 10 when you get the chance, especially considering that you're about to undergo a series of far more complicated and difficult challenges in trying to deal with the Dead Space Marker - but we won't spoil those for you here. Just grab what loot you can, avoid the tentacle babies in the Z-Ball arena itself, and sell the Semiconductor at the earliest opportunity. 

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