Dead Space Deck Systems keycard location

Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard
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The Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard isn't far from the circuit breaker, on a desk in the gas-filled East Seedling Room B, across from the breaker itself. Though essential to progression, the Deck Systems keycard is one of the few objectives in the game you can't just have a line drawn to, requiring you to search the local area in hydroponics and evade the necromorphs - but if you don't have it in you to do that, we'll lay out where to find it in our guide to the Dead Space deck systems keycard location below.

Where to find the Dead Space Deck Systems keycard 

To find the Deck Systems Keycard in Dead Space, take the following steps:

  1. Head to the Circuit Breaker that requires the keycard itself.
  2. Turn around to face the opposite direction.
  3. You'll see a door across from you to East Seedling Room B.
  4. Go inside - it's full of gas! However, the Keycard is on a desk to the right. Grab it and get out.

Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard

(Image credit: EA)
Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle

Dead Space centrifuge

(Image credit: EA)

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There's also a bench in there for you to use, though keep in mind that while you're using it, the O2 readout on the back of your head will still go down, so use it quickly!

Once you have the keycard, bring it back to the circuit breaker and install it. With the generator also set up, you'll have access to the room's gravity systems, which - when activated - will allow you to ascend through the room and reach the upper levels so you can keep stabbing wheezers. If you're finding it all a little overwhelming, or you're just sick of those damn baby necromorphs spitting goo at the back of your head, our Dead Space tips will help you even the odds a little. 

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