Dead Space Fuel Station keycard location

Dead Space Fuel Station Keycard
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The Dead Space Fuel Station Keycard is needed to access the fuel management office and the circuit breaker inside, found in an Eastern dead end. The keycard itself is going to require a bit of combat to reach, as there's necromorphs in the area who are effectively guarding it, but it's nothing you shouldn't be able to handle at this point in the game. For more info about where it's found and where it's used, read on to see our Dead Space Fuel Station Keycard guide.

How to find the Fuel Station Keycard and open the Fuel Management Office in Dead Space

Dead Space Fuel Station Keycard

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The Fuel Station Keycard in the Dead Space Remake is found in the little alcove on the Eastern side of engineering, on top of a desk near some lockers. You can see it marked above, but the area will have some necromorphs, and the thin walkways can make things a little dangerous as you'll have less room to move around and escape. We recommend going aggressive and making sure they can't get too close before they have a chance to box you in.

Once you have the Keycard, take it to the locked door marked above, which leads to Fuel Management. Inside is a circuit breaker that you can use to actually power up the refuelling station at the end of the walkway, though you'll have to depower either the lights or oxygen to do so - it's your choice. Do you prefer to fight necromorphs in the dark, or on a timer before you suffocate? Either way, once you're done, you can always head back to the circuit breaker and shuffle things around again.

That's not the least keycard you'll have to get though. The Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard can be an issue once you reach Hydroponics later, or for a more immediate concern, you're only a few minutes away from having to deal with the Dead Space Centrifuge puzzle. 

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