Where to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis Safe key

Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key
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If you're trying to find the Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key, then you've heard Curtis Sinclair calling for help through his intercom. This is one of the first side quests you'll discover in Dead Island 2, close to Emma Jaunt's mansion, and once you help the vintage screen hero to clear out his unwanted guests he'll move across the road to stay at EJ's. During the course of that mission you'll find and use several Dead Island 2 keys, but if you explore the mansion fully you'll discover Curtis' Valuables Safe with no obvious way of opening it. You're going to have to come back later to get inside, so here are the details on how to get Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2.

Where is Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2?

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Curtis' Valuables Safe is found inside his wine storage room, near the rear entrance by the staff restrooms and opposite the utility room by the garage side door. To find Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2, you need to head out into the rear area and look for a giant monogrammed crest on the ground. This area should be marked as a Screamer Hot Spot on your map, and if it isn't you may need to come back after progressing further through the story.

Fighting Crystal the Lawyer to get Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key

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If you're far enough through the story searching around this rear area (including the guest restrooms in the separate outer building) should find a number of Screamer enemies spawning– target them and look for one specifically named Crystal the Lawyer. You'll need to kill her to get the key. You can avoid Screamer attacks by blocking, which will let you to get close enough to start landing attacks on them, and a well-placed curveball should also be enough to interrupt their shriek. Do what you can to get in and start dealing damage.

Picking up Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe key

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When Crystal the Lawyer is defeated, grab Curtis' Safe key she drops then head back inside the mansion to claim your reward by opening the Valuables Safe. As well as cash, you should also collect a Tactical Heavy Revolver for your trouble, which packs a serious punch.

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