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Dead Island

Nope, Dead Island isn’t the latest necrophilia reality show - this is a new survival horror from the makers of half-decent cowboy shooter Call of Juarez. Kind of a bloodthirsty Far Cry-meets-Lost-meets-Resident Evil, Dead Island is set on a tropical paradise that inexplicably becomes a holiday haven for a different kind of evil tourist that likes to eat brains (and leave their towels all over the bathroom floor, probably).

After a plane bringing you and your wife to the island crashes, you wake up on a beach, alone, with only a huge array of weaponry for company, as you begin your desperate and frightening search for your beloved. Dead Island is a free-roaming game, so it’s up to you how you proceed and where you go, whether it’s straight into the nearby hotel complex to check in and headshot a half-naked zombie sunbather or trek into the tropical forest for a nice bit of sightseeing and undead immolation.