Where to get Dead Island 2 fuses and how to use them

Dead Island 2 fuses
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Dead Island 2 fuses are consumable items that you'll need to use with the many fuse boxes you find around Hell-A, to reactivate circuits and open doors to otherwise inaccessible areas. These secure Dead Island 2 caches are full of loot, which will help to keep you stocked up for your adventure. The locked doors protecting them can't be opened with Dead Island 2 keys, making the fuses essential to find. So here's what you need to know about tracking down Dead Island 2 fuse locations.

How to get Dead Island 2 fuses

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Dead Island 2 fuses are exclusively available from Traders, so you won't find them lying around as loot. You'll usually encounter these sellers in areas close to Dead Island 2 fast travel spots, but there is one that can be met 'in the wild' as well. We picked up fuses from Traders in the following locations:

  • Beverly Hills: Roxanne's House - Roger
  • Beverly Hills: Red House on north side - Francesca
  • Bel-Air: Emma's Mansion - Carlos
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Re-Aging Clinic - Todd
  • The Pier: Lifeguard HQ - Ezekiel
  • Venice Beach: Blue Crab Grill - Kai
  • Venice Beach: The Tower - W.O. Rodriguez
  • Ocean Avenue: Serling Hotel - Dougie

Fuses only cost $1,500 in Dead Island 2, and you can carry a maximum of three at a time in your inventory. So it's always worth stocking up on them when you're passing a Trader. That was you'll always have one to hand when you need it. 

Where are the Dead Island 2 fuse locations?

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To find Dead Island 2 fuse locations, where you can use them to open locked rooms, check your map and take a look for the fuse icons as shown in the image above. Any fuse boxes you've passed near to will be tagged on the map and, sometimes, if you see a question mark that often turns out to be a fusebox if you investigate it. Once you've used a fuse to open the door, the icon will gray out with a green tick over the top of it.

How to use fuses in Dead Island 2

How to use fuses in Dead Island 2

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To use fuses in Dead Island 2, you need to have at least one in your inventory - approach an open fuse box and interact with it when the prompt appears. This uses the fuse in the box, which will in turn open a nearby door or shutter so you can now access a previously locked off area. Be warned that there are almost always zombies inside, along with traps so watch out for tripwires rigged up to shotguns – you can disarm these by luring the zombies into them, shooting the tripwires, or carefully approaching and disarming the rigged shotguns if you can reach them.

Dead Island 2 fuse loot chest

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Once you've made the fuse room safe, you'll find plenty of consumables and parts to bolster your suppliers. However, the highlight is always the Zombproof Slayer Hoard crate, which you can interact with to open up and receive a new Dead Island 2 weapon to add to your arsenal. This will be matched to your current level, and is ready to equip with some Dead Island 2 perks to turn it into a deadly slaying tool.

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