How to find Dead Island 2 keys and where to use them

Dead Island 2 keys
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Dead Island 2 keys are almost as common as the zombies you're slaying, as you'll find them in pretty much every area along with the locks that you can open with them. With the huge size of the Hell-A map in Dead Island 2, it can feel a little daunting when you look at the long list of keys you've acquired and wonder where you're going to use them all. However, it's worth tracking down where to use them, as there's cash, materials, and even a selection of the best Dead Island 2 weapons behind some of those locked doors. To get you on the right track, we've got the lowdown on how to find keys in Dead Island 2, and then what you can do to work out where to use them.

How to find keys in Dead Island 2

Finding one of the Dead Island 2 keys

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There are two ways to find keys in Dead Island 2, with the first being to discover them lying around. Sometimes you'll be guided towards these as part of a quest, while other times you'll locate them as you explore the world, so keep an eye out for that tell-tale white aura rising from these handy items.

A named zombie holds one of the Dead Island 2 keys

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The other way to get Dead Island 2 keys is to defeat named zombies, so if you target one and see a unique name appear along with their health bar rather than a generic zombie type then they're definitely worth fighting. Bear in mind that these are often tougher than your average enemies, and a key isn't guaranteed for eliminating them, but you'll almost always get some form of reward for taking them down. We have individual guides for where to find the following keys in Dead Island 2:

Where to use Dead Island 2 keys

Descriptions shown for Dead Island 2 keys

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Of course, once you've got hold of them the next step is figuring out where to use keys in Dead Island 2. If you open your Inventory from the menu, move across to the Keys tab, then scroll through the list of those you've collected then you'll see a short description for each one with a clue for where you can use it. If you check your map for the designated area, you may also see an icon for a safe, lockbox etc that can help you pinpoint where you need to go, and you can use Dead Island 2 fast travel to get to the right zone quickly.

Finding where to use Dead Island 2 keys

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Follow the clues to reunite the key with its lock, and when you approach the correct location to interact with it you'll see the prompt says 'Unlock' along with a unique name rather than the usual generic 'Open' prompt. Pop it open, and whatever reward was locked inside is now yours.

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