Where to find the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys and open the Special Delivery chest

dead island 2 mailman keys
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You'll want the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys once you discover a special delivery crate by a truck on the streets of Bel-Air, triggering the Lost & Found mission My Mailman was a Zombie. Reading the Signature Required note near this lockbox will start the side quest, sending you off to check various addresses to find the missing mailman and, eventually, collect the Dead Island 2 keys they're carrying.

This mission rewards you with a unique Dead Island 2 weapon – a rare rifle that buffs damage when you string together hits quickly. It's a useful weapon to get early in the game, so let me explain how to find the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys, and finish the My Mailman was a Zombie Lost & Found quest.

Where to find the Mailman's keys in Dead Island 2

Map of locations to get the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys

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You start the My Mailman was a Zombie mission in Dead Island 2 when you find the mail van at the location on the map above. There's a note to the left that starts the objective to 'follow the mailman's paper trail to a kickass new weapon' but it doesn't entirely tell you what that means. 

There are three addresses on the note: 

  • Colt Swanson
    70 Alpine Drive
  • Tao, c/o The GOAT Pen
    59 Alpine Drive
  • Mr & Mrs Doe
    143 Glitterati Corner

All of these addresses are in the Bel Air location but you don't actually know what you're looking for and each location is basically an entire mansion. 

What you actually need to find are specifically these packages: 

Packages for the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys

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Head to any of the locations on the map and you'll find one of these packages near a door or entrance. You'll know you've found the right thing as your character will say something to let you know. 

Finally, when you reach the third and final package you'll meet the Wayne, the Mailman: 

Getting the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys from Wayne

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Kill him and you'll finally be able to get the key that opens the chest back at the van and you'll claim your reward, Raven - a rare weapon. Because it boost damages when you chain together hits, it's a useful gun for peppering crowds.

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