Mass Effect: Andromeda has *10* Collector's Editions, including a $270 remote-control space car option

Listen, I'm going to tell you two words about Mass Effect: Andromeda's Collector's Editions. Just two words, are you ready? Space cars. Alright fine, here are a few more: BioWare is pre-selling various flavors of Nomad ND1 planetary rover replica on the BioWare Store for fans who want to show their love for six-wheeled exploration vehicles and the series that encompass them. They're currently only available in the US.

The Nomad is basically the new version of the Mako from the original Mass Effect, though BioWare has promised that this one will be significantly less janky. Hopefully that applies to the $200 1:18 scale remote control version, too. At least it has a little camera that you can view through the controller app (available on iOS and Android) so you can see where it lands if the suspension physics go bonkers IRL.

If you'd prefer to leave the six-wheeling to Ryder and friends, you can pick up a die-cast 1:18 scale Nomad model for $100. It doesn't go anywhere but it sure does look pretty. It even has opening doors that reveal a detailed interior and illuminated control panel (alien figurines for back-seat smooching not included).

Both versions come with a special SteelBook case by default, though not an actual copy of the game. You can add an extra $60 or $70 to the price to pick up a standard or Deluxe Edition copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda as well. That brings the total Collector's Edition bundle count up to 10, counting the various consoles and deluxe/non-deluxe editions.

Speaking of Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition, the BioWare store also confirmed what special stuff players will receive in exchange for forking over an extra $10. Here it is:

  • Pathfinder casual outfit
  • Scavenger armor
  • Pathfinder Elite weapon set (4)
  • Pet Pyjak (monkey)
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack - $5 value

Sounds fine, but it doesn't answer the obvious question: can you romance the pyjak?

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