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TalkRadar 137 – Inconceivable!

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Who says too much gaming will dumb you down? These brain-bending experiences prove otherwise

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More than just a pretty, red-eyed face

Bill O'Reilly says Mars has no moons... then where does Doom take place??? (opens in new tab)
C'mon. Where does it take place? Where does it take place?

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War. War never changes. Or Does it?

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As Charlie Bearhat expounded in this week’s Top 7, certain games have a way of bringing out the best of your brain. After all, not everything is about high scoring, eye-fellating visuals, and massacring the competition. We’d like you to share the games that surprised you with the feeling of being a mental giant and/or somehow offered you the rare reward of subtly completing something you once might’ve perceived as beyond your capabilities. Any genre will do, lollipops! Let us know in the forums and we may read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 138!

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Above: Trailer Trash returns with a vengeance! (And an extra camera angle!)Click here (opens in new tab) to give it a watch or just say something pervy to Lizzie in the comments

Above: P:TOM’s Gary Stein-Man sensually tickles Sony’s NGP in this EXCLUSIVE pantomime

Above: Mario Sports Mix brings out Brett’s jock. Please, Photoshop at will

Above: Speaking of Mixing Mario and Sports, want to win a shirt similar to the masculine garment Chris is wearing? Then just be a North American resident and say so in the comments below!

Above: Why does Mikel look so ridiculous? It can only mean Killzone 3 in 3D with Move support!

Above: Twitter’s #IamBrelston Day: Never Forget… See how Brett was the last to find out about yesterday’s lightening quick contest that had a sizable chunk of the internet posing as him

In the community

Above: Our front page pano comes courtesy ofobsidianchao (opens in new tab), who tookBryan “graboids” Ward’s (opens in new tab)winningTalkRadar Magazine Contest (opens in new tab)entry and Minecraft’d the shit out of it!

Above: And the first one in with a athletic Brett moc-up is mrduracraft! Take our place at the podium, good sir

Above: On this week’s show we have an intervention with Brett regarding his Lady Gaga Twitter avatar. While we threatened to do it later, we accidentally jumped the gun a bit and almost the entire internet changed its profile pic to dear old @Brelston for a good ninety minutes, which is what batman5273 is referencing above. To see a snapshot of yeasterday’s hilarious feat of stupidityCLICK HERE (opens in new tab)!

Above: From the creator of the Brett Elston Tribute, unofficial TDar videographer flabslapper just unveiled the Tyler Wilde Tribute!

Above: Ampatent promotes a far, far, far, FAR (far) future TDar episode

Above: For people like us and graboids, a game set in Branson, Missouri is a dream that will never die

Above: See?! Batman5273 feels us

Above: Another marker masterpiece by 510BrotherPanda

Above: OH SNAP! Chris jus’ got Bieber’d by YabaDabaJew

Above: When it comes to visual TDar references, the ever-patient JohnnyAppleSperm adheres to a better-late-than-never attitude

Above: No idea what this is about, but we always love dumb faces. Thanks The Tygerfire!

Above: Another winrar from Batman5273

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