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With a first half this good, who needs the rest of the year?

Somehow, Seth Green hanging out with teenage girls didn't immediately strike us as creepy

The year is far from over, but we’ve weighed in on our favorite 2010 games (so far), now it’s your turn! We certainly didn’t stray from the obvious, high profile sequels, save for one, but hopefully you have a personal gem we might’ve overlooked. Tell us in the forums and we might read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 108!

Above:Are you ready for the2nd Episode of GamesRadar's Trailer Trash?!

Above: Don't let Twitter spam bots get you down! Have fun with 'em, like Chris did with the extremely undiscerning Mesothelioma News

Above: Could this be the happiest boy in the world?!Click hereto see why...

Above: batman5273 realizes Tyler Wilde's E3 elevator tomfoolery...

Above: As does flabslapper, with the help of a John Williams score!

Above: 510BrotherPanda put together this hand drawn bit of Engrish from the Konami E3 press conference we mockedlast week

Above: Referenced last week, but perfectly suited for this week's theme, too! Thanks batman5273

Above: And since we're feelin' kinda 80's, Ferris Bueller music makesour Dance Central demoall the sexier

Above: bar1scorpio founda batch of illegal fireworksin Michigan, which also steals the cover art from Gears of War. Oh, you Chinese!

Above: batman5273 celebrates Chris and Tyler's domestic union

Above: Ditto for graboids

Above: ventanger approves of Brett's choice of underwear

Above: You'd better listen...

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