TalkRadar 36 - TV casualty

In this week’s thrilling installment, TalkRadar brings on a special mystery guest to finally settle a question that’s been burning in the minds of our fans for months: What exactly the hell happened between Chris Antista and Tyler Wilde? Once that’s settled, it’s on to our usual dissection of this week’s Top 7, followed by a frank discussion of why we chose what we chose for ourGreatest games on every platformfeature and spirited discourse on a couple of articles written by GR’s sister siteEdge Online.

After that, this week’s TV theme emerges with drunken ramblings about Lost, old episodes of Roseanne and a bizarre artifact from the days when Norm MacDonald still had a steady job.

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

01-30-09 | Length –2:07:10 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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A surprise guest – WHO COULD IT BE!?!?

Oh, it’s Tyler Wilde. Huh.

Above: Tyler makes up for lost time by drinking more than all the other hosts combined

Top 7... Best beginnings– The opening levels that stuck in our heads longer than any others.

The greatest game on every platform– Postmortem on this week’s most inflammatory article.

MTV Music Generator– Actually only mentioned as a pretext for dredging up a musical embarrassment from Mikel’s past.

The 60 Biggest Selling Games of the Last 12 Months– GR’s sister site Edge Online counts down the hits. Surprise! Some of them are for Wii.

Lost– So apparently this is a popular TV show now? We live under rocks.

Sitcoms that reference games – Some actually get it right. TOO right.

The Making of... The Gabriel Knight Trilogy– Cue Charlie Barrattgasm.

Mega64– Were supposed to get a plug and a link in last week's article, but didn't. Sorry for the oversight, guys.

Above: In case there was any confusion last week, Mega64 did this

Question 20: What’s your least favorite game in your favorite series?


Quote of the week: "The GameBoy Color is a console that had titles developed exclusively for it."
"Yeah, too bad most of them are Shrek games."

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Above: Could the feud be over? Signs point to “maybe”

Above: Mikel loves all his children equally

Above: Back in Brett’s hometown, rednecks take in the natural beauty of the local Wal-Mart

Jan 30, 2009

Mikel Reparaz
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