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Top 7... Tasteful heroines
Videogame girls treated with dignity and respect? What an idea

Modern Warfare 2 sneaks onto shelves
Perhaps you’ve heard?

New Super Mario Bros Wii is begrudgingly loved
The first Mario platformer on consoles in nearly two decades may have too much to live up to

Assassin’s Creed II: Too Hot for the ESRB!
A panic-stricken ratings board opts to frightens parents with prudish double-standery

Question of The Week
What are some of your fondest multiplayer memories? Doesn’t have to be online. We old folks used to kick each other’s asses using a single console, you know?

League of Legends contest
Head into theTalkRadar forumsto WIN one of five copies of a boosted Collector’s Edition filled with free in-game goodies.

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GR's 24 Hour Modern Warfare 2 Marathon!
FRIDAY! NOW! We dare you to play us all night.


In the office

Above: New Super Mario Bros Wii fills Brett with that ‘ol good time feelin’

Above: Dicking around with the night-vision goggles packed into Modern Warfare 2’s Prestige Edition

Above: Push-up Contest or simply Doin’ the Worm? You be the judge

In the community

Above: Aeshir wishes Baby “Brett” Elston a Happy Birthday. And you should too!Click hereto harass the aged creep on his day of days

Above: 435 animated a senseless tirade from Chris prompted by a single iTunes review. See why we don’t read them anymore?

Above: bloodyshadow tooned us up, yet recreates the recording room with astounding accuracy

Above: Tygerclaws sees the beauty in Tyler Wilde

Above: DonkeyPuncher finds inspiration in our endless tribute to the query posed by Hank Williams Jr

Above: TheMonarch’s wrath = Tool Time?

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