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TalkRadar 134 – Enter the Boomtube

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The Top 7... Games we want announced in 2011
Developers, please make these a reality ASAP

Ghost Trick review
More than just Phoenix Wright's spiritual successor

Got a failed attempt to get a girlfriend into games?
Excuse us for further perpetuating the schlubby gamer stereotype, but c’mon, you know what we mean. You love a lady, both of you want to spend more time together, but you want to play more games. You tried to bring her in on the act… Didn’t work did it? Don’t worry, the first attempt is always the most dismal. And hilarious. We don’t want to exclude our four or five female listeners, so if you’ve got a perspective from the other side of the scenario we’d love to hear it. (Pardon our misogyny, but a lady trying to get an uninterested guy into games? That’s a like a fairy tale, only less believable.) Guys and gals, let us know in our forums and we might read your response live on TalkRadar 135!

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In the office

Above: Free GR Cheats, Guides and Walkthroughs iPhone appnow available!

Above: Whatchalooking at there, Mikel? (Also, Henry has since shaved off his "beard")

Above: In addition to FAPing the hell out of Little Big Planet 2 and Ghosts ‘n Goblins, DC Universe Online took the notoriously MMO-averse TDar gang by surprise

Above: Another look at the sound proofing, now without Brett!

In the community

Above: Coming soon to a Book Fair near you! Thanks Batman5273

Above: Chevapravatdumrong holds a joke up to mirror at makes it new again

Above: Get a picture from graboids - FREE! He’s practically giving them away

Post date:January14, 2011
T-Dar134 length: 2:34:32
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