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This week kicks off two bitchin’ contests, one for Bionic Command Rearmed and another for House of the Dead Overkill. We are also blessed to have a surprise guest stop by, Mr. Duke Lombardi, to review Animal Crossing. You’ll laugh so hard you might actually forget to ask “Who is Duke Lombardi?”

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Top 7... girl gamer stereotypes (opens in new tab)– PAY ATTENTION TO US PLZ K THX

The House of the Dead: Overkill trailer (opens in new tab)– Black magic! Violence! The hardcore you’ve been waiting for!Enter the contest (opens in new tab)

This week’s releases (opens in new tab)– Mega Man on Virtual Console, some tennis game and the long-awaited, critically yawned Too Human

Rock Band DLC Breakdown (opens in new tab)– weekly, by-the-instrument updates on RBDLC.

Dark Knight or Nathan Explosion? (opens in new tab)– Bruce Wayne: Dethklock frontman

Five reasons hardcore gamers will love Wario Land: Shake It! (opens in new tab)– mainly because it’s effing awesome

Bionic Commando Rearmed contest! (opens in new tab)– beat our secret level, win a bunch of stuff

Plus Leipzig news and our attempt at explaining why the mainstream media hates gamers so damn much. Answer: they’re old.


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Quote of the week:

"Thanks for hijacking my hobby, grandma."

Above: Like we say in the cast, many a beer made this a Romp to Remember

Above: How many drinks does it take to inspire a breezy hippy accent? Two!

Above: Did we mention there were lots of beers this week?

Above: Tyler and Chris take a break from drinking to smoke their seventh cigarette. Role models!

08-01-08 | Length - 58:38 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi (opens in new tab)

We've posted our fair share of lady-ogling features over the years, but the past week has seen an (apparently) alarming number of misogynistic stories go live. We're here to set the record straight, that we do indeed love specific things about women.

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Top 7... irritating female characters (opens in new tab)- it took Mikel years just to whittle the list down to seven

This week's releases (opens in new tab)- Soulcalibur IV and a bunch of crap

Wii, 360 and PS3 update (opens in new tab)- wait, how is Nintendo number one again?

Top 10 Entries on Top 10 Lists (opens in new tab)- yes internet, we know the Mega Man box art is horrible. Now please shut up

Greatest games ever, stupid edition (opens in new tab)- a bunch of idiots suggest their favorite games of all time. And Wii Play makes the cut

The most unlikely gaming lookalikes (opens in new tab)- image-heavy feature we're plugging because we love it

Things The Force Unleashed won't unleash (opens in new tab)- if The Apprentice can't Force his way into Maris Brood's pants, what's the point?


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Quote of the week:

"You know what the biggest exclusive on my Wii is? Dust."

Above: Soulcalibur IV launch party, baby! Free girly drinks for all!

Above: Namco-Bandai treated us all to a night of boozery at Fluid Ultra Lounge, the best lighted-floor bar mentioned in this sentence

Above: Chris doing... something. All we know is that it results in the Windows "Ta Da!" sound effect

Above: Mikel's all smiles now, but he won't be when the chairs chew his hands off

07-13-08 | Length - 46:10 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi (opens in new tab)

After sleeping off the exhaustion of E3 (a 72 hour task, we'll have you know), we kicked off Seven out of 10 Week, a yawnbration of everything ho-hum about the games industry. Strange how we can argue and bicker about such uninspiring topics, eh?

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