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The Top 7… Useless additions to game sequels
Do developers really think we don't notice this?

Everything from Capcom's Captivate
Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2, and OMFGBBQWTFMVC3!

Halo Reach's multiplayer is better than Halo 3?
Reason to be excited, or should we just change the headline to "Charlie, what did you do with the money?"

Best pot reeferences in games
Hank did so much research for this article, he now only answers to the name "Ganjamon"

What's your biggest technological failure?
Even modern, gear-saavy gurus like ourselves have at times felt the humiliating sting of technorance. Let's share the pain. Maybe youcracked yourDS screen trying to install a protective sticker,maybe you still can't figure out how to encode videos for your Zune (here's a hint: You have a Zune), or maybe you botched a World of Warcraft installation so badly that you had to go buy a new hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch. Whatever your tale of woe, let's hear it.


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Above: Bird Strike kicks ass, by the way.

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In the office

Above: Chris and Henry decideit's time to give their veins and arteries a good bitch-slappin' to remind themwho's boss. (Captions courtesy of Batman5273)

Above: Tyler Wilde went to a top secret press event in Vegas, but couldn't be bothered to have a blast driving a dune buggy around with the other gams jarnalists.

Above: He did, however, find time to hit club Rain in the Palms hotel. On roller derby night, no less.

In the community

Above: Sometimes embarassing things happen. And sometimes you make the poor choice todescribe the experience to friends. And sometimes you do that during a podcast. And SOMETIMES that story is then immortalized in a hand-drawn tribute by 510BrotherPanda.Sometimes.

Above: Batman5273 gets all patriotic on us. We can't TELL you to print these out and wallpaper every building you see with them, but we do all need new shoes...

Above: Ladies, ladies, dont fight... until Hatebreeder'svideocamera is fully powered up.

Above: Graboids spills the beans on the one game Capcom asked us not to speak about. Ever.

Above: somthing42 sends us to the GR style guide to double-check for rules about what counts as "beastiality"

Above: Does graboidsknow Tyler Nagata is actually from Hawaii?

Above: KreativeAssassin's brilliance is toovast to be contained in this tiny column. GoHEREand see this image in its fullbearded glory.

Post date: April 23,2010
T-Dar98 length: 2:36:42
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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