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The 6 greatest pot reefer-ences in gaming history

Yes it’s 4/20, which,among other,less whimsical anniversaries, is the day to celebrate weed, bros! WOOOOO! As the urban legend goes, 4:20 p.m. was the time of day that high schoolers would light up after a long day of class. Ever since, it has been seen as the correct time of the day to inhale, hold your breath, exhale and follow up with pizza rolls, Facts of Life reruns, and maybe videogames. Now, we at GamesRadar would never endorse the use of any illegal product, nor would we weigh in on whether weed is simply a natural laziness-enhancer or a horrible gateway drug that leads to mainlining heroin while pimping yourself for crack. (But if you want a good argument towards legalization that also involves gaming references, give a listen to UK rapper The Streets and his songIrony of It All.)

Above: Pot puns also lead to hilarious game-related shirts

But you know what’s perfectly legal (for now, anyway)? Digital characters smoking fake weed. Sure, it’ll get you slapped with a definite M-rating (think of the children!), but it’s a surefire way to get stoned goofs and mystified kids playing your game, as they chortle and nudge one another over it. So we celebrate now the slothful use of weed in games with this collection of the best/laziest appearances by pot and 420 culture in gaming.

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