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TalkRadar 40

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02-27-09 | 1:47:55 | Intro song byAnamanaguchi
WARNING: Explicit Content
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Top 7... Sadistic moments in games
The games that let you revel in pain inflicted on others.

Dante’s Inferno
Shane’s seen EA’s latest licensed title.

Killzone 2 is finally out!
Hopefully, actually playing it will not affect how awesome it is. Speaking of which...

Your Bias Is Showing
Gamers with Jobs' Sean Sands expounds upon all the good bias has done for us.

Red 360 Elite Confirmed
Of all colors, you'd think Microsoft would want to steer clear of red.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
Deeply addictive gameplay and DS load screens are ready to devour your precious time.

The only Killzone 2 review you'll ever need
From here on out, we'll have nothing to say about the matter. Seriously

Left 4 Head
Yeah… like we’re gonna post a link to that.

Question 24: What’s the game you regret parting with the most?


Quote of the Week: "In50 Cent: Blood on the Sandyou can spend in-game money on new taunts… which sort of implies he doesn’t have those words in his vocabulary until youbuy them."

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Above: "C'mon... admit you're a little biased against Killzone 2."

Above: The Helghast invade the office. With cupcakes!

Above: Ted "The Million Dollar Man" DiBiase dropped by to show offWWE: Legends of Wrestlemania.Then Shane jumped in the pictureto show off hisunderwear

Above: Chris couldn't wait for the new DSi, so he made his own

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Above: Drag that hog of yoursHEREfor the details

bar1scorpiois one of several winners in ourX-Blades Action Thong Contest!

Above: To see all the boner deflatingsubmissionsCLICK HERE

Looky there, fans of TalkRadar went and started their own podcast:

Above: The second fabulous episode isavailable now!

ELPork is whipping up badass Akuma art inour forums:

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Above: EdHas503 visualizes Chris's tale of accidental prostitution fromTalkRadar #38

Feb 27, 2009