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TalkRadar 38 - The Love Cast!

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WARNING: Explicit Content

We know. We sound like pricks sometimes. Having spent so much time crapping all over just about everything in the Game-O-Sphere, some of you may’ve forgotten that we actually like to play games. So, this episode we’ve set aside some time to talk about some upcoming titles that we’re genuinely excited about.

02-13-09 | Length – 2:16:19 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi (opens in new tab)

Oh, we’re still mocking idiotic game audio, laughing hysterically at a certain publisher’s R&B theme song, and mulling over the game smooches creepy enough to deflate boners on Jupiter. But just in time for VD, we’re also spreading a little bit of love to all comers. Don’t worry - we still have a fart button.

- Brett digsDeadly Creatures (opens in new tab)
- Chris lovesResident Evil 5 (opens in new tab)
- Mikel heartsGTA: Lost and Damned (opens in new tab)and he’s seen God of War III!
- AndOXM (opens in new tab)’s Dan Amrich loves…CarneyVale: Showtime (opens in new tab)?!

Above: Actuallyfun! Likethe clownfaced spawnof Peggle and PAIN

Top 7… cringeworthy kisses (opens in new tab)
Bestiality, underage smooching and triangles doing the nasty

Deadly Creatures (opens in new tab)
A Wii-exclusive game about bugs narrated by Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper is actually good!

Dead Rising 2: All the facts (opens in new tab)
We dissected the trailer to DEATH

Retro Game Challenge (opens in new tab)
Don’t let the generic title fool you. This DS homage will put tears in the eyes of classic gamers.

Flower (opens in new tab)
A PSN title not starring the skunk from Bambi.

Barack Obama is a potty mouth! (opens in new tab)
Our fearless leader curses like a political sailor.

A Middle-American tribute to Shenmue (opens in new tab)
Proving once and for all that Sega and Ryo ain’t no goddamn pussy!

Accidental Male Prostitution
Is the economy really that bad?

Question 22: Game that brings back bad memories? (opens in new tab)– answers in our delightfulforums (opens in new tab)!


Quote of the Week:
“If I’m not in the office, and talking to you on AIM, chances are I’m using a little brown punctuation.”

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Above: Mikel hogs GTA: Lost and Damned all to himself

Above: Dateless No More!

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Above: And it’s not this one – click the image to see more

Above: LionheartAce is having visions of Duke Lombardi

Above: Clustershart whipped together this badass poster

Wind Waker unplugged (opens in new tab)– if you missed this, here’s your second goddamn chance.

Feb 13, 2009