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TalkRadar 72 - magical melodies

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Top 7... weirdest music games
They’re about music, and they’re certainly weird.

Classic songs covered in games
From Black Sabbath to Transformers, we’ve dug up a whole mess o’ songs from the old days.

Classic game music remixed
We use Beaterator to blendify eight beloved videogame tunes.

Demon’s Souls released
Brutally hardcore slasher sounds awful… unless you like this sort of thing. Then it’s awesome.

Capcom sorta confirms Super SFIV characters
Seth Killian, worldwide SF expert, gives his two cents on each character in our wishlist.

Childhood movie that doesn't hold up?Hop in our forum or comments and let us know. Your answer could be read on the podcast!!!!1111!233

In the office

Above: Wednesday we sat in on a lengthy play session of Left 4 Dead 2, with a first crack at Scavenger mode and… chainsaws!

Above: Someone sent Brett a genuine wooden crate filled with “Squeeballs.” Those eyes never blink, kids

In the community

Above: ClusterShart invents a most potent duo, Kanyelston

Above: KREATIVEassassin subtly worked San Francisco into this lovelyT4lkR4D4r homage

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Post date: October 9, 2009
T-Dar 72 length: 2:28:31
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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Oct 9, 2009