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We're sacrificing the better part of our Saturday evening to bring you this fine collection of Comic-Con interviews, recorded LIVE from the biggest, loudest, con-est celebration of everything that was once considered uncool. Now, revel in the audio splendor of games, comics and tales from the showfloor. We'll chat up Sly Cooper collection, Street Fighter x Tekken, Enslaved, Scott Pilgrim, Tron Evolution, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and so very much more.


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From Comic-Con 2010

Above: When we start attempting to describe Tron, this should help immensely

Above: If nothing else, go to Comic-Con for a free pass to ask girls for their picture. This guy's got the right idea

Above: "Who would pay for a new Darkstalkers game?" Lots of people. Capcom!

Above: Smell the stink nuggets, it's Jason Mews! You were the bomb in Mallrats, yo!

Above: The least-appreciated Zelda gets perfect swag, compelling Brett to wear this all weekend for solidarity

Above: Tyler and Chris kick off the cast, just in time for our boothmates at Musicians Institute to start a giveaway

Above: This Zangief refused to let anyone pose without him

Above: Caught on camera! Li'l kid busting her ass after assaulting Papa Smurf's leg!

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