TalkRadar 32 – win a FREE DS!

Listen and win a free DS. Simple as that. Chris outlines the particulars further into the cast, after we’ve already tackled such weighty topics as disappointing games, games you don’t want for Christmas and games that are all gamey games games. Games.

Be sure to check out the question of the week, too, as it’s something every single person who visits this site will have an answer for.

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

12-18-08 | Length - 1:39:11 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7… games you don’t want for Christmas– seven games that are worse than clumps of cold, passionless coal

10 most disappointing games of 2008– we peruse Wired’s latest list article and decide it’s… pretty much correct. Except when it’s not.

Question 16: What is YOUR game of the year 2008?


Quote of the week:
“The best part of Home is hurting other people’s feelings”

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Above: Playing Home as a girl? You’ll have plenty of opportunities to do this

Above: Brett walking, Joe filming, Mikel leading. T-T-T-Teamwork!

Above: Sure looks like Chris is at his desk working, no?

Above: Zing! ‘Twas an elaborate ruse! Monsieur Antista truly is incorrigible!

Dec 18, 2008