TalkRadar 129 - Thanks for something

All sound like great ideas – and not a single one should happen

Where shooters' dreams are made. 27 photos!

A rare case of retro at its prime

Is pretty and easy a winning combination?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving gaming memory?
If you're American (or Canadian, only think October), Thanksgiving was (or is)a lovely pre-Christmas school break which lends itself wonderfully to gaming. Do you have any specific childhood or recentmemories? Games you beat while the turkey was in the oven? And hey, why not - what are you thankful for this year, gaming or otherwise?

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Above: Tyler discovered a surprisingly not-meant-to-be-ironic magazine about various forms of dirt while getting new tires

Above: Brett spent his weekend at theNorCal Regionals

Above: Chris snapped a photo of something that should be burned

Above: Brett returned to his frigid homeland for the holidays, and inked up with a spiffy new Zelda tattoo. The image on the right is Tyler Wilde's sad attempt to figure out what's under the 'Z' and sword. Let's hope the tattoo worked out

Above: Brett also discovered the "coolest shoes" he's ever owned - Dinobot velcro!

Above: And his dad's awesome, 100-mph-flying, blank-shooting A-10!

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November 24, 2010
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