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Find out why Halloween Kills with SFX's horror special issue

The cover and some of the contents of SFX issue 345.
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Laurie Strode and her boiler-suited nemesis are the cover stars of SFX issue 345, which is now in the shops waiting patiently for you to take it home. With Halloween looming on the horizon, it's only appropriate that it's a horror special, with 61 of its 116 pages dedicated to features on all things creepy, kooky, mysteriously spooky and altogether ooky. Below we run down the highlights of the issue; alternatively, you can get a feel for the contents by skimming through this digital preview.

Should you have any problem finding a copy you can always order a copy online and have it delivered to your door (while stocks list). In the UK, the price (including P&P) is the same as buying it in the shops.

Halloween Kills

The Halloween Kills feature in SFX issue 345.

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Everyone's favourite Shatner-masked psychopath is back! As Michael Myers returns to cut a swathe through Haddonfield once again, we speak to director David Gordon Green, Jamie Lee Curtis, and her co-stars Judy Greer and Andi Matichak for a 10-page feature. 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The Ghostbusters: Afterlife feature in SFX issue 345.

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The latest Ghostbusters revival is keeping it in the family in more ways than one, as it centres on the granddaughter of Egon Spengler, and director Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman (director of the original film). He tells us how he set out to make "a gift to the fans". 

Last Night in Soho

The Last Night in Soho feature in SFX issue 345.

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There are no Cornettos to be seen in Edgar Wright's latest, the story of a modern-day young woman mysteriously able to enter the 1960s. Hopefully she uses this ability more responsibly than Gary Sparrow did. We talk to the director about recreating the Soho of the period.

The Show

The feature on The Show in SFX issue 345.

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After slagging off all the Hollywood adaptations of his comics, Alan Moore has finally made a feature film of his own, which sees a hitman visiting his beloved Northampton and encountering all manner of strangeness. We visit the set and resist the urge to stroke his magnificent beard.

Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead feature in SFX issue 345.

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Airing on Syfy in the US soon (and coming to Sky in the UK at a later date), this 10-part series shares a title with George Romero's downbeat 1985 zombie horror, but takes place on day one of the outbreak, isn't set in an underground bunker, and features a new set of characters. What the dickens? We ask the showrunners what the devil they're playing at.  

Children of the Corn

The Children of the Corn feature in SFX issue 345.

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In our regular retrospective slot, we pay a return visit to Gatlin in the company of Fritz Kiersch, director of the 1984 Stephen King adaptation about a cult of killer kids. 

And that's not all! The horror blow-out continues with pieces on Amazon show I Know What You Did Last Summer; Locke And Key season two; Syfy series Chucky; batch two of Welcome to the Blumhouse; Muppets Haunted Mansion; the latest developments in the Walking Dead franchise; an animated take on Night of the Living Dead, Radio 4 folk horror Harland; black anthology movie Horror Noire; and Lego Star Wars special Terrifying Tales. 

We also speak to The Boys star Jack Quaid, profile dystopian novelist Christina Dalcher, and get Naomi Novik to fill in our author questionnaire. 

Red Alert

The Ron's Gone Wrong news story in SFX issue 345.

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And the big features are just the tip of the iceberg! As ever, our news section, Red Alert, is crammed with insights into yet more movies, TV shows, comics and books. In the spotlight this month: new animated movie Ron's Gone Wrong, The 4400 reboot 4400, and season three of Batwoman.


The Dune feature in SFX issue 345.

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The SFX verdict on Dune kicks off 25 pages of searing critical analysis, as we inform you which of the latest films, TV shows, books, comics, audio plays, and video games are worth splashing your hard-earned cash on!

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers on the cover of SFX issue 345l

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