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The best Disney Plus bundles: Hulu, ESPN+, Star, and global offers compared

Disney Plus
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Disney Plus bundles are essential if you want to save a little money (which is entirely fair enough, considering the cost of living crisis we're facing). As well as helping you pay as little as possible, they normally fill a niche that Disney isn't always able to by itself.

As an example, the USA-exclusive Disney Plus bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month (opens in new tab) gets you triple the amount of content for exactly the same price as a Standard HD month of Netflix (which is $6 less than buying each one separately, by the way). In addition, this offer covers areas that Disney can't by itself. Although the House of Mouse excels with family-friendly options including Marvel and Star Wars, Hulu is a great destination for grown-up drama while ESPN adds a healthy dose of sport. Basically, it's one of the few Disney Plus sign-up options with something to suit everyone in the household. Oh, and seeing as a standard Disney sub with 4K content costs $7.99 a month alone, it's not too big a step up for the amount you're getting (by comparison, a 4K Netflix account on its lonesome will set you back $17.99p/m).

Just remember - if you want to save money, you can currently get a single month of Disney for $1.99 (opens in new tab) instead of almost $8 if you're a new or returning member between now and September 19. That's not an offer we often see, so it's well worth taking advantage of if you can. You literally won't find it for any less.

Want to see which deals are available in your area? Curious about whether those offers are worth it? We've put together a global guide on Disney Plus bundles to help you find the best-value package with as many - or as few - extras as you like.

Disney Plus bundles - USA

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Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus | $13.99 per month (opens in new tab)
This is comfortably the best Disney Plus bundle you can get at the moment. As well as Disney Plus, you're receiving Hulu and its mature dramas to go with the sports of ESPN Plus. That provides something for the whole family, and you're saving $7 per month (or $84 a year) too compared to paying for each service individually.

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Disney Plus, Hulu (no ads), ESPN Plus | $19.99 per month (opens in new tab)
Like the Disney Plus bundle above, this offer throws ESPN Plus and Hulu into the mix - but there are no Hulu ads to wrestle with. Considering how distracting those can be, it proves its worth pretty fast. And don't worry if you're unsure about investing right away. You can upgrade to this package at a later date if you opt for the cheaper option first.

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Disney Plus (1-year bundle) | $79.99 at Disney Plus (opens in new tab)
If you're not fussed about Hulu and ESPN Plus, this is the best Disney Plus option around. You're saving over 15% compared to paying monthly, and the annual offer gets you 12 months of Disney for the price of 10. You won't find a cheaper long-term deal.

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Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | $79.99 at Disney Plus (opens in new tab)
Buying for friends or family? This gift card is surprisingly good value - you're essentially getting 12 months for the price of 10. What's more, digital delivery on a date of your choosing makes timing this gift for special occasions simple no matter whether that's a while away or today. Please note: this can only be activated by the recipient if they have not already been a Disney Plus subscriber.

Just want Disney Plus on its own and not bundled with any extras? The rolling one-month subscription sits at $7.99 per month (opens in new tab), and you're free to cancel at any time you like (or upgrade to the Disney Plus bundles above if you wish). Now that the Disney Plus free trial has been axed, it's the next best option for those wanting to save cash.

Disney Plus bundles - UK

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Disney Plus + Star | £7.99 per month (opens in new tab)
Although there aren't any major Disney Plus bundles in the UK right now, you do get the Star add-on with standard monthly memberships (and before you ask, no, there isn't a cheaper option without Star). Alongside everything Disney Plus has to offer, this gets you a bunch of content for an older crowd like Family Guy, 24, Grey's Anatomy, and Alien. Don't worry about the kids getting access to all that, though; it's easy to set up parental controls.

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Disney Plus + Star (1 year) | £79.90 one-off fee (opens in new tab)
If you're in full 'take my money' mode and are ready for a year of Disney Plus, you can actually save over 15% by paying for a year upfront. It basically gets you 12 months for the price of 10 so is arguably better value than any other offer right now.

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Disney Plus + Star gift card (1 year) | £79.90 at Disney Plus (opens in new tab)
Want an easy present for a loved one that adores Disney? This is probably the biggest no-brainer out there. Because it can be scheduled for delivery at any time you like to an email address of your choosing, it's perfect as a last-minute gift or a long-planned present. However, remember that it can only be used by new subscribers - existing Disney Plus members won't be able to redeem the gift card.

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O2 + Disney Plus | Free 6-month Disney Plus pass with O2 (opens in new tab)
Thinking of getting a new phone or SIM only deal (opens in new tab)? If you sign up with O2, the network will set you up with a free six-month Disney Plus subscription (worth £48). And if you're already an O2 customer, you could still be eligible if you upgrade your contract. However, you might want to weigh up that cost versus the value of the sub.

Disney Plus HotStar bundles - India

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Disney Plus with Hotstar bundle (Premium) | ₹299 per month (opens in new tab)
Disney Plus Hotstar bundles are the only way to get Disney Plus in India. However, you're receiving a lot of content here because you're paying for the enhanced Premium edition of Hotstar. That means you're getting multiplex and new Indian movies, Hotstar specials, no ads, and Full HD streaming with Dolby 5.1 audio to accompany your Disney Plus access. Content is available in English or with several dubbed options, too.

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Disney Plus with Hotstar bundle (Premium) | ₹1499 a year (opens in new tab)
This bundle is the same as the Premium bundle above, but paying for it annually at ₹1499 is actually a big money saver. Compared to the ₹299 monthly fees, you're saving a massive ₹2088 (essentially getting you seven months of Disney Plus Hotstar for free). That makes it the best option for value.

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Disney Plus with Hotstar bundle (VIP) | ₹399 a year (opens in new tab)
The cheaper VIP tier is only available as an annual subscription. However, even though it's very affordable, we'd proceed with caution. Compared to the Premium tiers, you only get dubbed Disney Plus movies, you lose 'English shows and Disney Plus originals', can only watch on one screen instead of two, and get video quality limited to standard HD instead of Full HD. Oh, and audio is Stereo only.

Disney Plus bundles - FAQ

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Are Disney Plus bundles worth it?

Despite costing a little more up front, Disney Plus bundles are much better value for money than other deals (so long as you're interested in the extras they provide, of course). That's because the add-ons fill a gap in Disney's own programming.

A good case-in-point would be the offer with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month (opens in new tab). While Disney knocks it out of the park with blockbuster entertainment for families, Hulu covers more mature content. ESPN then charges into the breach with sports. It's the perfect marriage; as we mentioned in our Disney Plus review, those are weak spots for the House of Mouse's streaming service, so it all balances out well.

The same is true of the UK's Disney Plus/Star mashup. Because Disney's offering is understandably more PG, the mature content provided by Star compliments it very nicely.

Is there a discount for Disney Plus bundles?

Although there isn't a Disney Plus bundle discount per se, it's worth pointing out that deals like the Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus (opens in new tab) combo are saving you money anyway. 

To be precise, that offer basically gets you Hulu or ESPN Plus for free. This is because Disney Plus costs $7.99 per month by itself (opens in new tab), Hulu weighs in at $5.99p/m (opens in new tab), and ESPN Plus is priced at $6.99p/m (opens in new tab). That's almost $21 altogether, so the triple-pack's MSRP of $13.99 per month (opens in new tab) is actually very reasonable.

If you'd like to check out some other streaming services, don't forget to drop in on the latest HBO Max prices. You can compare these Disney Plus bundles to today's Hulu prices, Peacock TV costs, and Paramount Plus prices as well. Looking for more sports action instead? Our roundup of today's ESPN Plus costs and Fubo TV costs and packages is well worth a look. Finally, if anime is more your thing, we'd advise checking out a Funimation free trial.

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