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Disney Plus sign-up: the cheapest prices and deals for the streaming service

Disney Plus sign-up prices deals
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If you're looking for Disney Plus sign-up deals that provide maximum value for money, you're in luck; we've rounded up the best savings here. As an example, the hottest Disney Plus deals right now include a US bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month. Because Disney Plus prices start at $7.99 / £7.99 / CA$11.99 / AU$11.99 a month, that's not bad value for money. In fact, it saves you around $6 a month over buying them all separately.

No matter which offer you choose, Disney Plus is the definition of a pick-me-up. The streaming service is packed with hundreds of hours of content across a variety of genres, and that library ranges from Star Wars films to almost all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every Disney Plus sign-up streams in 4K resolution with HDR as standard whenever possible too, so your favorites will look their best.

Worried about the novelty wearing off? Although there are always going to be content dry-spells, it looks like these will be few and far between when it comes to a Disney Plus sign-up. Members are being inundated with original series right now, and Disney's showing no signs of slowing down. Indeed, the company has announced that we're getting 10 new Marvel and Star Wars shows in the next few years alone.

Want to find out more? Here's everything you need to know about Disney Plus sign-up prices and deals.

Disney Plus sign-up - everything you need to know

Disney Plus sign-up

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How do you get a Disney Plus sign-up?

Getting your hands on a Disney Plus sign-up is easy. Simply visit the Disney Plus website, click on the offer you want (you'll be able to choose between two or three options - a monthly subscription, annual membership, or bundle), and fill in your details. You can be watching all your favorite movies and shows within minutes.

Find out more about each option below:

Pay monthly: This is the standard subscription model for Disney Plus. You pay a small fee each month for your membership, and this keeps rolling until you cancel it or the world stops turning. You're not locked into a contract either - you can cancel whenever you like.

1-year membership: You can sign up for a full year of Disney Plus with a one-off fee. Regardless of where you are in the world, this gets you 12 months for the price of 10. For example, the US annual sub is $16 less expensive than paying for a long-term monthly membership.

Bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus (US only): This option is more expensive than the others, but it's probably the best value for money overall. Providing three streaming services for $13.99 per month (or $19.99p/m without Hulu ads), it's almost $7 cheaper than buying each one separately. For context, it's a similar price to the Standard HD month of Netflix for triple the amount of content. In addition, those services compliment each other nicely - Disney is family-friendly, Hulu brings mature dramas to the table, and ESPN fills a gap with sports.

Can you get a free Disney Plus sign-up?

Unfortunately for us, it's not possible to get a free Disney Plus sign-up anymore - the Disney Plus free trial is gone, and we can't imagine it'll come back. 

With that in mind, your cheapest option would be the standard monthly subscription for $7.99p/m in the US, £7.99p/m in the UK, $11.99p/m in Canada, or $11.99p/m in Australia.

Want to try Disney Plus without fully committing, on the other hand? We'd recommend grabbing a single month's membership and cancelling before those four weeks are up. That means you can fill your boots with as much Disney content as like without paying too much.

It's worth pointing out that UK, Canadian, and Australian readers get to enjoy the new Star channel regardless of whether they're investing in a monthly or yearly subscription, too - it's included with all memberships in those regions as standard at no extra charge. 

Disney Plus price

Disney Plus sign-up

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The thought of investing in yet another streaming service can strike fear into the heart of the bravest soul. But you don't need to worry - the Disney Plus price is fairly low. In fact, the average cost of a Disney Plus sign-up comes in below a Standard HD month of Netflix. That's not bad value for money at all, especially considering how much content is waiting for you. 

Sure, it's not ideal that the free trial is gone (rest in peace, sweet prince). But the monthly or yearly subscription most of us are left with is pretty reasonable on the whole. Actually, the annual membership gets you 12 months of Disney Plus for the price of 10.

Here are the best Disney Plus bundles where you are:

Disney Plus price - USA


Disney Plus (monthly) | $7.99 per month
If you want the cheapest possible Disney Plus sign-up, this is the option we'd recommend. As a monthly rolling subscription, it'll only set you back the price of a couple of coffees per month... yet still gives you access to everything the service has on offer. Plus, you get  all that content in 4K HDR wherever possible. As a bonus, you can cancel your membership whenever you'd like as well. That means you can blaze through the shows or movies you want to see and cancel before your sub rolls over to a second month, no questions asked.

Disney Plus (one year) | $79.99 one-off payment
In terms of straight value for money, an annual membership is the way to go. That's because it offers a hefty discount on a Disney Plus sign-up; you're getting 12 months for the price of 10, saving you roughly $16 per year.

Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus package | $13.99 per month
This might be the best Disney Plus sign-up deal out there at the moment. Besides getting you three services for the cost of a single month of Standard HD Netflix (roughly, anyway), it provides something for the whole family. The addition of mature dramas via Hulu and a wealth of sports provided by ESPN Plus compliment Disney's family-friendly focus well, and it's an ideal combo for every age group. This triple-threat of content basically gives you one of those services for free, too; the overall cost would be closer to $20 if you were buying each one separately.

Disney Plus+ Hulu (no ads) + ESPN Plus | $19.99 per month
This bundle is the same as the one listed above, but there's a key difference - you won't get any ads on Hulu. Because these can interrupt whatever you're watching with (irritating) regularity, that's no bad thing. Paying the extra six bucks to get rid of them is usually worthwhile as a result.

1-year Disney Plus gift card | $79.99 at Disney Plus
Want to give Disney Plus deals to someone else? This digital voucher offers a full year of the service and can be delivered whenever you want to any email address you choose. That makes it perfect as a last-minute present (shhh, we won't tell anyone). What's more, you save $16 on the Disney Plus price compared to paying month by month. Just bear in mind that it can only be redeemed by new subscribers - if they already have a Disney Plus sign-up account, they cannot use the gift card.

Disney Plus price - Canada


Disney Plus (monthly) | $11.99 per month
How much does Disney Plus cost in Canada? Not as much as we'd feared, luckily - the Disney Plus price is $12 per month. There's an awful lot of content available for that cost, and it comes in 4K HDR whenever possible, so this deal is pretty great. In addition, you can cancel your Disney Plus sign-up at any time.

Disney Plus (one year) | $119.99 one-off payment
If you're going to be watching a lot of Disney Plus over the next few months (what with a new season of The Mandalorian and Marvel shows like Hawkeye on the way), then this is the deal to go for. It gets you a full year of the streaming service at a discount, allowing you to save around $24 on the standard monthly Disney Plus price. That's essentially 12 months for the price of 10.

Disney Plus deals - UK


Disney Plus (monthly) | £7.99 per month
The cheapest Disney Plus price right now is this standard monthly subscription. However, don't think you're losing out if you choose it. It gives you access to everything the service has on offer in 4K HDR whenever possible. Additionally, you can cancel your membership at any time - there's no binding contract.

Disney Plus (one year) | £79.90 one-off payment
This annual membership is roughly £16 cheaper than paying month-by-month, and you're essentially getting 12 months for the price of 10.

Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | £79.90 at Disney Plus
Looking for a good present to give the Disney fan in your life? This gift card is a good shout. It's delivered to any email address you like at any time you want, and that means it's perfect if you've left your shopping a little late. However, bear in mind that it can only be redeemed by new subscribers. Anyone who already has a Disney Plus sign-up won't be able to activate the gift.

Disney Plus deals - Australia


Disney Plus (monthly) | $11.99 per month
Disney Plus deals for a standard month in Australia will cost you $12. When you consider the many hundreds of hours of content you're getting for your money (in full 4K HDR whenever possible), this offer is fairly solid. You can cancel at any time, too - there isn't a binding contract to any Disney Plus sign-up, allowing you to come and go as you please.

Disney Plus (one year) | $119.99 one-off payment
A full year of Disney Plus is great value for money, particularly because it saves you cash on the standard monthly Disney Plus price. More specifically, you're getting 12 months for the cost of 10.

Disney Plus deals - India


Disney Plus with Hotstar (Premium) | ₹299 per month / ₹1499 a year
Disney Plus Hotstar bundles are the only Disney Plus deals in India. They are good offers, though. Besides Disney Plus access on the Premium tier, you're also getting multiplex and new Indian movies, Hotstar specials, no ads, and Full HD streaming with Dolby 5.1 audio. In addition, content is available in English or with several dubbed options. If your budget can stretch to it, we'd recommend the annual option over the monthly subscription. Compared to paying the ₹299 monthly fees, you're saving a massive ₹2088 a year.

Disney Plus with Hotstar bundle (VIP) | ₹399 a year
The lower VIP tier is only available as an annual subscription, but it's still very affordable. Just remember that you'll only get dubbed Disney Plus content and will lose 'English shows and Disney Plus originals'. You should also be aware that you can only watch on one screen instead of two. Meanwhile, video quality is limited to standard HD instead of Full HD, audio is Stereo only, and you'll have to put up with some ads.

How to get a Premier Access Disney Plus sign-up

Disney Plus sign-up

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What is Premier Access? Don't worry, it isn't as complicated as it might seem. Premier Access allows you to watch brand-new movies from the comfort of your own home... for a small fee.

So, are Premier Access films included with a Disney Plus sign-up? Unfortunately not. Because this isn't a part of normal Disney Plus deals or memberships, you'll need to pay for both separately. In addition, you'll need to pay for each Premier Access movie separately. That might seem unreasonable, but think of it like visiting the theater: Premier Access is your ticket.

However, there's an upside to all this. So long as you have an active Disney Plus sign-up, you get to watch the Premier Access film as many times as you want.

There aren't any Premier Access movies on offer right now, but that might change in the future. Watch this space!

Which devices are compatible with Disney Plus?

Disney Plus sign-up

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What is a Disney Plus sign-up available on? The answer to this question is easy. Disney Plus is compatible with most devices, ranging from Smart TVs to smartphones. If you have a PlayStation or Xbox console, you're also in luck.

Here's a list of compatible devices:

  • Samsung or LG Smart TV
  • PS4 / PS5
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S
  • Roku device
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • iOS/Android mobile phone / tablet
  • Web browser

Most of these allow you to download the app and get started right away - so long as you already have an account (available here), you just need to sign in. You can also head over to the Disney Plus website and use the streaming service through your internet browser if you'd prefer. 

For more info, take a look at our guide on how to download Disney Plus.

Where is Disney Plus available?

Disney Plus sign-up

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus experienced a staggered release across the world, but it's now available for you to try across the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and beyond. That probably means you can get a Disney Plus sign-up and start watching right away, all at the click of a button. 

We've written down where you can get Disney Plus deals below, and will keep adding to the list as more regions go online.

If you can't grab a Disney Plus sign-up in your area yet, don't worry. The company has said that it has "plans to [launch Disney Plus] in nearly all major regions of the world within the next two years." That means you should be able to get involved before long.

In the meantime, you can always fill that Disney-shaped void with the excellent Disney Villainous or The Haunted Mansion board game. They're great gifts for yourself or the Disney fan in your life.

To give your setup an upgrade and make the most out of the Disney Plus 4K capabilities, head over to our guide on the best gaming TVs (available here for UK readers). Don't forget about the best gaming sound system, either.

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