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TalkRadar 51 – All Saints Day

Top 7… Game religions– We discuss at great, great length incidental back stories we barely remember

Above: No age is too young for the Reckoning

Soundtracks you didn’t know were stolen – Outright stealing shit is the sincerest form of flattery

Above: You’ve been hit by/a smooooooth pedophile (ALLEGEDLY)

UFC 2009 Undisputed Super Review – Completely brutal, yet somewhat arousing

Above: Who doesn’t love a good spooning?

Duke Nukem Forever: A life in trailers – Because you’re too young to mourn the loss of a game that should’ve been released a decade ago

Chrono Trigger fan sequel gets Cease & Desist – Sometimes getting litigious is whack, yo. Wiggity whack.

Above: Because Square can’t be bothered to have unofficial fan service

Question of the week 35– What game do you always go back to?

Above: We welcome Production Editor Carolyn Gudmundson’s new stamp, just in time for the postage increase

Above: Shane did his best Gambit impression and flicked that card up there. There were only two witnesses

Above: Chris does his best Little Mac in front of our famed cookie wall

Above: A more fitting background. CAN YOU DO BETTER? Post in the forums!

Above: Carolyn didn’t take kindly to her face on American postage

Above: GrantG snuck a little GamesRadar advert into his high school yearbook. This makes him our favorite forum user, UNTIL SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING BETTER!

Above: somerandomchap has apparently been to Lord Antista’s castle

Above: MetalGearFlaccid understands good moisturizing is the key to making a skincoat from the EcoQuest characters

Above: Schuultz’ Wind Waker Band 2 Contest entry had us in stitches and giggleshits

Above: REST IN PEACE KEYBOARD CAT. Play yourself off!

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Post date:
May 15, 2009
T-Dar 51 length: 01:30:42
Quote of the week: “Americans want something new, the Japanese want something established.”
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May 15, 2009