Wipeout Omega Collection wraps up Wipeout HD, Fury, and 2048 in one beautiful 4K package

Tis the season for the return of long-dormant franchises. At PlayStation Experience 2016, Sony revealed a PS4 port of PaRappa the Rapper, gameplay of the Crash Bandicoot HD trilogy, and now we have a trailer of the Wipeout Omega Collection, which brings the fast-paced futuristic racing franchise to PS4.

The Omega Collection will render your dangerously fast zero-g vehicle and the twisting tracks on which it races in 60 frames per second with HDR support, and at 4K resolution on PS4 Pro. It contains nine modes: Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial, and Single Race from Wipeout HD; Zone Battle, Eliminator, and Detonator from Wipeout HD Fury; and Career Mode from Wipeout 2048.

As for the games Wipeout Omega Collection contains, well, it's a bit of a jumble. The short answer is that it includes Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury, and Wipeout 2048. The long answer is that Wipeout HD is itself a remastered collection of the PSP games Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse, and Wipeout HD Fury is an expansion pack which also borrows its tracks from the PSP games. So the Omega Collection is a remastered collection of a remastered collection.

Yeesh. I feel like Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man, where he learns that all restaurants are now Taco Bell. Wipeout Omega Collection is coming to PS4 in 2017 - I look forward to the remaster collection combining it with some other Wipeout game in 20XX.

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