TalkRadar 132 - Platinum hits

Our very first video countdown!

The best games of 2010, honored with the glittering trophies and glowing tributes they truly deserve

Take a video stroll through the Mushroom Kingdom's biggest hits

Sorry guys, QOTW started its holiday cruise early this week, so you won't be seeing it till our next new podcast nest year. But Mr. and Mrs.QOTW wish all of you a happy New Year!

Big thanks toAndy Baumanfor editing the whole goddamn podcast this week!

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Above: The Platinum Chalice meeting was three hours of pure excitement

Above: Brett was in a very giving mood, as he gave Chris a lovely (and valuable) Mickey phone

Above: Mikel got a cool shirt in our annual White Elephant gift exchange, but it was soon stolen and ended up with Carolyn

Above: Dimly-lit proof of a story you hear later in the cast involving Henry and author/PC/superstar John Hodgman

Above: A moment from the video Mikel doesn't want you to see. Watch it allhere

Above: What's this? The whole office standing around audio equipment? What could this be?

Above: Many got in the X-Mas spirit in this week, like Batman5723

Above: As did graboids

Above: Batman again

Above: More holiday cheer from graboids

Above: While Stabby_Joe made Frank Capra spin in his grave in the best way possible

Above: On the non-X-Mas tip, graboids also created a series of images inspired by Michael Keaton's Batman

Above: And lastly, 510Brotherpanda made this FAP-themedtribute of Brett, Chris and Henry as their favorite Marios


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