GamesRadar video podcast goes live

Originally posted on September 29, 2006

The editors we sent to this year's Tokyo Game Show might have been fresh off a plane and still reeking of jetlag when they came back to the office, but that didn't stop us from dragging them into a bright room and fixing our cameras on them. Why? To collect their raw thoughts on what they'd just spent the last week seeing, of course.

Above: Here's your chance to find out what two grown men paid to write about videogames really think

Click the link below to download our first-ever GamesRadar video podcast, in which Senior Editor Christian Nutt and PlayStation Channel Editor Mikel Reparaz expound, argue and curse about what they witnessed on the TGS show floor. Does the Xbox 360 have a snowball's chance in hell overseas? What were the best games of the show? And just what do Japanese people have against Castlevania, anyway? Watch the video and maybe you'll find out.

Right-click here and save the link to download the GamesRadar TGS wrapup!

Once you've done that, you'll have to either watch it on your PC/Mac or add it to iTunes, then right click and tell it to convert it for your iPod (we'll make it easier in the future, we swear).