TalkRadar 41 – Rap: The Podcast

The Voices:

Quote of the Week: [On IGN’s review breakdowns] "How do you even score a game’s sound anymore? What if my soundtrack is all Beethoven and Led Zeppelin? Insta-10!"

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Above: Brett’s excessive action figure collection is photographed and documented, should all other action figures suddenly disappear from Earth

Above: Our Wall of Nerdidity, currently plastered with Nintendo calendar images and random boxes

Above: Lizzie believes she’s finally proven, without a doubt, who Master Chief really is. Gosee for yourself!

We’ve got 10 copies of both Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic (out NOW on DVD and Blu-ray) and Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter (out 03-24-09 on DVD and Blu-ray) to hand out as well! Find out how on this week’s episode of TalkRadar.

Above: User ElPork offers up a video testimonial in ourTurtle Beach Headphone contest

Above: Nice work hatebreeder, but Brett isn’t a chinless, 300 pound Jabba cosplayer. At least that’s what he keeps telling us

Mar 6, 2009

Brett Elston

A fomer Executive Editor at GamesRadar, Brett also contributed content to many other Future gaming publications including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer and Official Xbox Magazine. Brett has worked at Capcom in several senior roles, is an experienced podcaster, and now works as a Senior Manager of Content Communications at PlayStation SIE.