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TalkRadar 49 – your king demands it!

Top 7... games where you play as food– strange how most of the games where you play as food suck a whole lotta ass.

Above: That kid knows exactly how much pain Ninjabread Man is in

The many faces of Wolverine– Just in time for today’s probably mediocre movie!

Above: Jae Lee is a fantastic artist, though his Scott Stapp phase from 2004 is definitely a career low

17 game soundtracks ahead of their time– this article should be required reading/listening for all gamers. Appreciate your medium!

Above: One Man and his Droid was freakishly ahead of its time

16 awesomely bad videogame movie moments– watch these clips so you’ll never have to watch the whole damn thing.

Above: At least Double Dragon was faithful to the game

His Highness the Norwegian King sayeth NAY to yon peon’s request to changeth his given name to “Sonic X”– and we laugh for three minutes straight

Above: Who wouldn’t want to be forever associated with this

Win one of five fabulous FREE t-shirts!– merely submit your most embarrassing/shameful/entertaining gaming t-shirt story.

Above: Could be yours if you’re a big enough dorkass!

Question of the Week 33– what’s the first game you ever pre-ordered? Answer in the forums OR on theQOTWarticle page.

Above: Some mirthful polterjester taped the face of Paul Ryan above a urinal… and then some humorless cad took it down

Above: I’m telling you, the headsets work better if they’re plugged in

Above: Chris if he were a witch??

Above: Another busy week in theFan Art Thread, thanks to Donkey Puncher’s BrettBot

Above: As well as Romination’s reference to one of T-Dar’s very first in-jokes

Above: Let’s not forget Vagrant’s three-pronged fan art of Pure Flattery

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Post date: May 1, 2009
T-Dar 49 length: 02:00:47
Quote of the week: “Minneapolis shall henceforth be known as Bonertown.”
Intro song by:Anamanaguchi
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