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Not fast like a ninja. Slow like a sloth

Destructoid reviews editor, GamesRadar contributor, and all around internet darling, Jim Sterling drops by to say some nice words.

EXCLUSIVE: Inventor Marc Griffin discusses bringing BulletBall to videogames!

What game disappointed you the most?
We’ve all been reading previews for a while, right? Surely, there’s been a game that had you incredibly psyched for months on end… only to crap in the mouth of your expectations once you actually played it. Let us know in theforumsand your answer could be read on the air.

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In the office

Above:Listen toTalkRadar 99 andBrett will tell you how to win this here,otherwise unattainable, swag!

Above: The back of Chris' neck enjoys a round of the newHalo: Reach multiplayer beta

Above: This bizarre instruction manual is probably as far as Charlie will ever get into Dead to Rights: Retribution

In the community

Above: hatebreeder is an artistic force that can't be stopped!

Above: SenatorPepper prepares us for next week's centennial battle

Above: batman5273 put togetherthe most flattering fan art of Mikel EVER!

Above: TheMonarch keeps the epic expectations coming

Above: Twitter user @Phalack discovered a government-registeredconnection between our dumbass show and Lucifer

Above: another one by SenatorPepper

Above: Dan Amrich's new handle under the new ActiBung partnership

Post date: April 30,2010
T-Dar99 length: 2:44:27
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