No one wants to become famous the way Marc Griffin did. Very few people ever act upon, let alone realize, their brilliant idea. And infinitely fewer offer it up for scrutiny on national television. But Marc did… only to have his hopes and dreams shat upon by shortsighted judges on American Inventor, a reality show produced by the world’s leading public humiliation profiteer, Simon Cowell. Watch the video below if you have no idea what we’re talking about:

Above: Marc Griffin sold his home, his car, and his wedding ring investing twenty years of his life into BulletBall!

But the internet was there for Marc! And GamesRadar isn’t about to sit by and let pandering and pedantic camera whores dictate what is and isn’t fun… BECAUSE BULLETBALL RULES! While the two-handed hybrid of Ping-Pong and Air Hockey may be a bit too expensive and cumbersome for an Olympic Sport, as Marc believes, it’s perfectly suited for touchscreen videogaming.

Above: ORDER NOW – ONLY $299! (opens in new tab)

We know Marc Griffin’s with us, because he actually contacted GamesRadar after we wrote a brief aside in an article assessing the iPad’s gaming aptitude. Go ahead and tell yourself BulletBall’s a stupider idea than Air Hockey, or the billion or so other clones populating the App Store. We see the potential in BulletBall, and after reading our game pitches to Marc Griffin below, there’s a 100% chance you will too.

GamesRadar: I love the BulletBall!

Marc Griffin: [laughs]

GR: What is Inclusion Sports exactly?

MG: Inclusion Sports is… you know a lot of the people we work with through BulletBall are disabled?

Above: Former Mrs. Wheelchair America rocks the BulletBall

GR: Oh, okay.

MG: So we put together - my brother Charles and I - put together a company called Inclusion Sports, because BulletBall is a game that is inclusive of all people.

GR: There’s two different versions of BulletBall, right?

MG: Correct. There’s BulletBall: The Game, which is more of a family version. You know: kids, parents, all that. It’s fun and it’s more restrictive than Bulletball Extreme, which is really the sport version of the game.

GR: The sport version? As in, there’s no score?

MG: Oh yeah [there is a score.] There’s rules and regulations that govern the game. Actually, everything is the same between Bulletball and Bulletball Extreme in terms of the rules and regulations.

GR: The game is played with two hands?

MG: From the tip of your elbow, to the tip of your fingertips. Front and back.

GR: So, from what I can gather, one [move] is a flick and one is a block?

MG: Not necessarily. In any way that is most comfortable for you to play, just as long as you hit the ball with the space between the tip of your elbow and the tip of your fingers.

GR: Can you grab the ball?

Above: BulletBall Extreme: Only $525! (opens in new tab)

MG: No. It has to be hit and you get one hit to return it to your opponent’s playing surface.