TalkRadar 42 - David Hasselhoff!

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03-13-09 |2:17:50 | Intro song by Anamanaguchi
WARNING: Explicit Content
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The Top 7... Naked flesh we didn't want to see (opens in new tab)
Ah, our eyes! Our beautiful eyes!

Resident Evil 5 - REVIEWIFIED! (opens in new tab)
Can one of 2009's biggest games live up to its groundbreaking predecessor?

Anti-marijuana ads focus on loss of game skillz (opens in new tab)
Big tobacco and alcohol make a desperate appeal for customers.

We interview DAVID HASSELHOFF! (opens in new tab)
For no other reason than he's starring inReady 2 Rumble Revolution for Wii (opens in new tab).

GameInformer cover reveals Big Sister in BioShock 2! (opens in new tab)
But will there beold timey music?

MadWorld pisses off non-gaming busybodies (opens in new tab)
And we play the reason why!

Gamepro to publish original games (opens in new tab)
Let the exclusivepreviews begin!

Activision trademarks Sing Hero (opens in new tab)
Its next move should be to copyright self-parody

Question 26: Most touching, poignant moment in a game? (opens in new tab)
You'll be surprised by how many of us said Killzone 2.


Quote of the Week: “Boing! Docomodake DS: It’ll put peepee in your coke!”

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Above: Shane gotscanned by an ultraviolet wand at theResident Evil 5 launch partyand revealed a record-shattering amount of fecal deposits

Above: And Mikel belted out a high hard one in the RE5 scream contest

Above: This is why the podcast is late. Forward all complaints to Lord Gravity and Lady Clumsiness


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And finally... fulfilling Chris's promise made in the podcast:

Mar 13, 2009