TalkRadar 42 - David Hasselhoff!

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03-13-09 |2:17:50 | Intro song by Anamanaguchi
WARNING: Explicit Content
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The Top 7... Naked flesh we didn't want to see
Ah, our eyes! Our beautiful eyes!

Resident Evil 5 - REVIEWIFIED!
Can one of 2009's biggest games live up to its groundbreaking predecessor?

Anti-marijuana ads focus on loss of game skillz
Big tobacco and alcohol make a desperate appeal for customers.

For no other reason than he's starring inReady 2 Rumble Revolution for Wii.

GameInformer cover reveals Big Sister in BioShock 2!
But will there beold timey music?

MadWorld pisses off non-gaming busybodies
And we play the reason why!

Gamepro to publish original games
Let the exclusivepreviews begin!

Activision trademarks Sing Hero
Its next move should be to copyright self-parody

Question 26: Most touching, poignant moment in a game?
You'll be surprised by how many of us said Killzone 2.


Quote of the Week: “Boing! Docomodake DS: It’ll put peepee in your coke!”

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Above: PlayStation 3: Ultimate Reviews Guide - on newsstands NOW! Pick up a copy or nine andButt Elston would appreciate it

Above: Shane gotscanned by an ultraviolet wand at theResident Evil 5 launch partyand revealed a record-shattering amount of fecal deposits

Above: And Mikel belted out a high hard one in the RE5 scream contest

Above: This is why the podcast is late. Forward all complaints to Lord Gravity and Lady Clumsiness


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And finally... fulfilling Chris's promise made in the podcast:

Mar 13, 2009