Want to see all 150,966 deaths in Game of Thrones? In 21 minutes? Of course you do

(Image credit: HBO)

Guess how many deaths there are in Game of Thrones. Go on, guess. Oh, you already read the headline of this story? Yes, there have been 150,966 deaths in 60 episodes of HBO's epic TV series, and from all the glimpses we've had at Game of Thrones season 7, that number is set to rise sharply. 

Poor old Leon Andrew Razon Compliations, who made this video showing ALL the deaths in the show, will have to make a new video when the latest season airs in July. But that isn't for you to worry about. No. You can just behold this majestic video which shows every death in just over 20 minutes - it's an incredible piece of work.

Ok, so there's a bit of artistic license here. The video uses approximate numbers for the big battles, based on estimates from both the show and the books. It also includes a fair number of animals, but they totally count. In case you're wondering, it seems GOT season 5 has the highest body count, thanks to the battle at Hardhome (it's more of a massacre, actually, adding 100,000 deaths to the tally). Notable mentions to the Battle of Blackwater, the Battle of the Bastards, and the Battle at the Wall.

It's interesting to see major character deaths, like Hodor and Ned Stark, simply thrown in with all the mass battles and minor character kills. In many ways it's a neat statement about the fragility of life in Game of Thrones, and how even the mightiest and most noble can die in the same way as the poor and lowly. Speaking of which, you can probably expect a number of major players to die off in season 7, as the show rumbles towards its inevitable climax in S8. Who will they be? We've got 15 amazing Game of Thrones theories right here.

And, if you're looking to catch up ahead of season 7, here's our video of the whole of season 6 in under eight minutes...

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Andy Hartup