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They gave this brilliance away? The fools!

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Legend of Zelda gets remixed with a sense of humor

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Forgive us for aging ourselves once again, but back before your Steams, your PlayStation Networks, and your Xbox Lives, game demos weren’t so easy to come by. Often times, we had to go to great lengths just to play a bite-sized chucklets of our favorite games, and that includes subscribing to them by mail and actually paying for them!. Sometimes you have more of affection for the demo than the full game. Let us know your special game demo, and we might read it on the air next week!

Above:This week, Satan himself descended upon the GamesRadar offices...

Above: So, of course we had to call in the Marvel Super Heroes Squad

Above: They inducted Cheryll. She will be missed

Above: What swag would you expect Nintendo to send along withfuture million seller,SuperMario Galaxy 2?Gift shop astronaut food, of course!

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Above: In case you missed it, here's hatebreeder's fantasticTDar 100 (opens in new tab)art. Click to see it bigger

Above: SHEESHKAH's T-Unit rolls thick with lethal peripherals

Above: batman5273 depicts how Charlie and Chris felt during theirvisit to Pixar (opens in new tab)

Above: And the less said about graboids Sax-drenched jazzalbum cover, the better

Post date: May 14, 2010
T-Dar101 length: 2:29:47
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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