Former Dragon Age writer thinks pressure will be on for Dreadwolf to release in 2024

Dragon Age Dreadwolf
(Image credit: BioWare)

Dragon Age's lead writer is very keen to see what BioWare has cooked up with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and is understandably a little wary of fans being "very reasonable about it."

David Gaider was a lead writer across the entire Dragon Age trilogy at BioWare, including the first two game's various DLC instalments. With a recent report claiming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will finally release before April 2025, Gaider says BioWare will likely be under pressure from publisher EA to release ahead of time at some point in the Christmas season in 2024.

This is the traditional 'blockbuster period' for game releases, although in the last few years we've seen developers and publishers gradually peel away from concentrating their releases around the Christmas season. Capcom barely releases games outside of the first half of a year anymore, for example, focusing on launching games like Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and the recent Dragon's Dogma 2 between January and April.

Gaider also writes that he's very keen to see what BioWare has "cooked up" in Dreadwolf. The former Dragon Age writer understandably isn't in the loop with BioWare's intricate development workers right now, and he adds in a follow-up tweet that he hasn't heard whether laid-off BioWare workers last year were able to get an increased severance pay. 

"I'm sure the [Dragon Age] fans will be very reasonable about it," Gaider adds of Dreadwolf, perhaps a little wearily after Mass Effect 3's infamous community debacle. You can't really blame an ex-BioWare developer for being a little wary of audiences after they and their colleagues were put through the wringer by fans unhappy about Mass Effect 3's ending.

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Hirun Cryer

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