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TalkRadar 44 – Podcast of HATE

The Voices:

Quote of the Week: “Releasing an RTS on the PC is like going to the beach and bringing your own sand.”

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Above: As Acting Chris this week, Brett realizes how monitoring Skype, Audacity and sound effects make it hard to keep your thoughts straight

Above: Mikel was told to look “angry and confused.” Did he succeed?

Above: So… Dan likes Van Halen

Above: Some sites have big signs on their building. We have a beach towel and a handwritten note

Above: An actual popup from our site, circa 2007. Notice how he has pissed his pants in addition to barfing

Above: If you still haven’t seen Twishart’s TalkRadar trailer, you’re not nearly as cool as we thought you were. Rectify this discrepancy now!

Above: Forum user “guy” offered his T-Dar Mobile, presumably for Brett. Get it? Because he’s the baby voice?

Above: Charlie Gavin, forum user and author of the Silver Age web comic, paid tribute with a joke only he and several thousand TalkRadar listeners will understand. Gohere for the large version

Above: Nothing’s sadder than receiving nearly 40 copies of awful Sonic games in one day…

… well, except for receiving nearly 40 copies of Samba de Amigo the very next day.

March 27, 2009