TalkRadar 59 – The Pattercast

The Top 7... sexy horses every stud should ride- Shane Patterson's replacement dishes onthe filliesthat are truly hot to trot.

Above: Face it... this is the Future of Gaming

Brett's Nintendo's most-failingest peripheralsarticle gave himthe perfect excuse to whip out his old toys.

While we're on the subject, peep the recent picture taken with the DSi's predecessor, The Game Boy Camera!

TalkRadar UKf***ing electrocutes themselves all in the name of Professional Games Journalology!

We sit back and laugh our asses off as Microsoft, once a fearless innovator, fallshilariously out of touch.

If you don't have a PS3 it's hard to argue withthis here bundle, whichwill allegedly go on sale at Best Buy next week for $400!

Question of the Week #42: What is your all time favorite console?

For thosewho aren'talreadygrieving over in the forum thread, we have to say a tearful goodbye to Shane Patterson this week. Shane will address hisdeparture,plus we're devoting a large portionof theshow to celebrating the man'slegacy with GamesRadar... and then even more time roasting him in a manner most cruel! Let's take a glance back to a time when Shane still worked here.

A Tribute to Shane Patterson

Above: It's true! Shane kinda, sorta, not really danced with Jade Raymond on a single occasion!

Above: Shane was an integral part ofPaul Ryan’s autobiographical account on the plight of the Girl Gamer

Above: Once the dust settled from The GreatKillzone 2War, Shane made his peace with the Helghast

Above: KREATIVEassassin made a playable Shane card recognizing his agility

Above: While at GR Shane got to meet many of his favorite wrestlers, most notably seen here showing off his underwear with Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiaseduring a demo ofLegends of Wrestlemania

Above: No, Shane is not leaving to pursue a career in pro wrestling, as was teased way back on ourApril Fools Day podcast

Above: In yet another wrasslin’ fantasy scenario, GR reader twishart made this to win a WWE game

Above: Being a delicate swan has its advantages

Above: It's as if Wii Music was made specifically for Shane

Above: His work ethic was truly God-like

Here are some of our favorite videos directed by Mr. Shane Patterson. Some of them took as long as an entire lunch break to film!

Above: ELPork pays tribute

Above: As does manaconda

Above: And KillDrone's picture harkens back toone of the finest closers in TalkRadar history

But it's not all about mourning this week...

Above: This absolutely made our week

Above: Now let us never speak of this again

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July 10, 2009
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