FIFA 17 unveils '12 Days of FUTmas' with free Ultimate Team stuff for everyone

EA's generosity is often questioned by cynical gamers – but the mega-publisher has just unleashed a wave of Christmas treats within FIFA 17 Ultimate Team that should deliver joy over the festive period.

'FUTmas' is a 12-day period in which you'll be offered time-limited Squad Building Challenges, mystery packs, and the lifting of all squad requirements for Daily Tournaments and Weekend League qualifiers.

The best bit of it is that promise of daily free stuff, the first piece of which is a special Christmas kit – which will be added to your account automatically next time you log in on console, PC or web app.

Indeed, the web app is the best way to maximise FIFA freebies over the Xmas period. The first time you open it up on any given day you'll be given a complimentary reward for doing so. Mine so far have been a four-item bronze pack (yesterday) and 500 coins (today), but others report scoring 5000 coins, so it's worth checking in daily.

Six SBCs 'Squad Building Challenges' have been released so far – three per day – with an 85-rated Daniele De Rossi and 84-rated Christian Benteke the most tempting. (Don't even try the Aubameyang one. It's far too pricey.)

GR+ will keep you updated on any further SBCs or other FUTmas releases of particular interest.

FIFA 17 is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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