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TalkRadar 104 - Beyond Protocol

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Some were good, some were bad, but none of them were this evil

As fascinating as it is flawed. We delve into a character that'll sound more than familiar to TalkRadarlisteners

Ear-shredding mishaps that'll make you wish you were Beethoven

Hey, we wouldn’t be doing this for a living if we didn’t find new games exciting. But sometimes our enthusiasm can get the better of us, and after repeatedly pounding your eyeballs with hyperbole with the best of intentions, we understand: You can get a little sick of our shit. (We get sick of our shit too.) It’s not always your inner cynic or fanboy; sometimes the blame falls on the gaming press. Has there ever been a game with so much hyperbole, that it pushed your anticipation south of disinterest, and into the realm of hatred? Tell us in the forums and we might read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 105!


Would you like to be seen wearing this ultra-badass shirt, entitled "Moral Choices" from our friends Well, all you have to do istell us your favorite BioShock plasmid right hereand you’re halfway to fashion glory!

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In the office

Above: Mikel's lady (whom you may remember from ourHebrew-riffic TalkSeder) got him aTiny Mikelt-shirt for his birthday

Above: From our EGM: Gone but not forgotten piece, back before the magazine was no longer dead. We've all got our memories with this print institution, but it was Tyler Nagata's first gaming press appearance!

Above: The E3 mayhem is starting to take shape... pray for us

In the community

Above: batman5273 remembered Mikel's Birthday. Did you?!

Above: Did we mention it was Mikel's birthday?Photo mockups make a great gift, provenhere bymichaelmmc827

Above: Can't draw, honor the man byfollowing him on Twitter!

Above: lobsterhunt shows us why speling is importunt

Above: graboidscombinestwo Tyler Wilde anecdotes fromlast weekinto something beautiful

Help a fellow TDard out!

Above: We're tying to help our buddy Tayls win a contest, and your help would be much appreciated. If you have a YouTube account, simplyclick here, sign in, then click "Like." C'mon, tayls would do it for you!

Post date:June4,2010
T-Dar104 length: 2:18:59
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