The 25 best PS4 games

Best PS4 games

The best PS4 games in 2018 are all right here. And there's a new champion sat in the number one slot. It doesn't take a genius to work out that God of War - the latest console exclusive - is that game. It's a staggering achievement, and is the must-own PlayStation game this year. Some are even calling it the game of the generation - it's that good. And the quality titles just keep on coming. Later in the year we'll have Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Battlefield 5. Expect them all to be enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro, too, as most upcoming PS4 games come with significant boosts for Sony's premium gaming machine. 

So what are the actual, best PS4 games? They follow in this list of our top picks. We play every game we review to completion (where you can actually complete the story), and continually play the biggest titles online to make sure we know exactly how it is to experience each one, right now. Some are digital games, some proper PS4 exclusives, and some have even been free PS Plus games. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they're brilliant...

25. PES 2018

Remove presentation from the equation – where FIFA 18 is still king – and there is no better sports sim out there than PES 2018. Every footballing fundamental – passing, tackling, shooting, heading – feels uncannily like the real thing, and its player AI is exceptional. That’s true on both sides of the ball: never again will you bemoan a team-mate making a stupid run, but you will find yourself constantly challenged by the impressive variety of opposition tactics and strategies. It’s the purists’ football game, requiring thought as well as stick skills, and while the series’ licensing woes grate as ever, they are fixable on PS4 via the ability (at last!) to import fan-made option files, rather than unwieldy previous workarounds. Truly, the beautiful game.

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: FIFA 18

24. Overwatch

Blizzard's team-based blaster - Overwatch - blitzed the 2016 Golden Joystick awards, scoring gongs for [deep breath] best original game, best multiplayer, best gaming moment, best competitive game *and* best PC game. It’s just as essential on PS4, with its six-on-six battles packed with charismatic heroes, crazy abilities and shouty, sweary, spectacular moments – getting Play Of The Game at least once is a genuine life goal. Each mode has specific objectives, which deliver a tangible aim to every match, and like Street Fighter everyone who’s played it for any length of time gets attached to their particular favourite. GR+’s choice? Jetpack-powered Pharah. Come at her, bros.

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: Planetside 2

23. Final Fantasy 15

Four adrenaline-driven teens embark on the journey of a lifetime, but this ain’t no Road Trip. The RPG tale of Prince Noctis and his merry band straddles fantasy and reality with almost balletic grace, throwing in titanic monsters and classic missions alongside conversations about the weather and visuals that just sing "America". Final Fantasy 15's story is bonkers and its final destination a genuine surprise, but it's still a winding, delight-strewn road that Square converts are duty bound to travel – with sufficient appeal in its blockbuster battles and eclectic quest mix to suck in Fantasy novices, too. 

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: Dragon Age: Inquisition 

22. Until Dawn

Once destined to live its life as a PS Move curio on PS3, Supermassive Games’ ode to the teen slasher movie emerged on PS4 with a rusty, bloody axe in one hand and a rather nasty looking set of consequence-based choices in the other. The real beauty of Until Dawn is in a) the well-crafted, largely flawed cast of characters, and b) the horrific ends that they meet at the hands of the antagonist(s). In other words, you’ll want most of them to die sticky deaths, and although saving each one is a fun challenge, it’s an accepted and enjoyable nod to horror tropes when they get executed in the most gruesome fashion. For those who've invested in a PS VR headset, be sure to make spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood one of your first purchases. Then lock all doors and windows before first play.

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes (for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood)

Also consider: The Inpatient

21. Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Exactly two decades on from her PlayStation debut – hence the PS4 version of Rise Of The Tomb Raider being subtitled the '20 Year Celebration' edition – Lara Croft delivers another must-own round of substantive combat and taxing-yet-enjoyable puzzling. The storyline, with Ms Croft venturing through Siberia in an attempt to complete her father's work in the lost city of Kitezh, doesn't scream originality but packs in some genuine shocks, while the platforming and zip-lining mechanics take Lara to heights she's never before reached – and not just figuratively. Choose to pick it up on PS4 and you also get all previous DLC, a new co-op Endurance option, and Blood Ties single player content. And you really should choose to pick it up.

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes

Also consider: Lara Croft and the Temple Of Osiris

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20. The Last of Us Remastered

Like a full-bodied Stilton, this modern masterpiece just gets stronger with age. The Last of Us Remastered is a starkly brutal, emotionally-honest take on the end of the world, Naughty Dog’s stealth shooter is quite simply one of the best written, most wryly-paced video games ever. With the jump to (a mostly stable) 60fps on PS4, TLOU has never been sharper to play or more devastating to watch. Whether refining the undead or redefining what a game script can be, this is Naughty Dog at the peak of its powers. And with Left Behind bundled in, you’re also being treated to arguably the finest slice of DLC in PlayStation history.

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes

Also consider: Metro Redux

19. Dishonored 2

The first Dishonored was so great there isn’t much room for manoeuvre here, in terms of quality: you’re again getting an options-packed adventure brimming with deftly woven narrative tales, set in a thoroughly believable world. What Dishonored 2, set 15 years later, adds is a second playable character – choose between original hero Corvo or super-powerful protege Emily. Supernatural abilities such as the latter’s grapple-like Far Reach again deliver both flair and fun, while a small-but-major improvement to melee combat is being able to turn a parry into a non-lethal knockout, making murder less of a necessity if stealth is your jam. The only notable drawback is assumed knowledge – the storyline makes little sense if you've not played the first game.  

PS4 Pro enhanced: Yes

Also consider: Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider 

18. Batman: Arkham Knight

Easily the best superhero series around, the Batman Arkham games have always been among the best on PlayStation. Batman: Arkham Knight is the final entry in the trilogy, and while it has some minor issues (the Batmobile stuff isn't great, and is overused), there's no escaping the fact this is a brilliant action adventure game with a richly-detailed Gotham City to explore. The combat system is perfectly tuned, the vast number of comic and DC references will please fans, and the feeling of zipping through the city gives a sense of power and freedom unparalleled in games. Well, perhaps until Spider-Man hits PS4 later in 2018...

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: Uncharted 4

17. Doom

This modern reboot is worthy of the name Doom, and is basically the FPS equivalent of a muscular body: it's speedy, empowering, and hits incredibly hard. You awake as the classic Doomguy to begin another spree of demon genocide on a Mars colony, with a surprisingly intriguing plotline that explains how you're able to murder so many Hellspawn. There's a primal satisfaction to whipping out a Super Shotgun, blasting an Imp's innards into oblivion, and then performing a lighting-fast, stunningly violent Glory Kill on the demon who caught shrapnel just behind him. The classic weapons and enemy types benefit from new additions like upgrades and double-jumping, making Doom one of the most frenetically fun shooters of all time. 

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: Wolfenstein: The New Order

16. Titanfall 2

One of the biggest shocks in 2016? This cyber-shooter sequel entering game of the year contention. Where its fun-yet-shallow predecessor quickly developed rust, Titanfall 2 is an absolute colossus of a game, overflowing with unique twists in a genre which long ago anchored itself in a sea of wash-rinse-repeat. Its campaign offers true freedom while still retaining a sense of the familiar, its navigation and combat feel truly three-deminsional, and its big-gun battles are an adrenaline rush even Optimus Prime would struggle to contain. A special, special game which, in execution, is anything but robotic.

PS4 Pro enhanced: No

Also consider: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 

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