The Last of Us 2 guide and walkthrough for combat, collectibles and more

The Last of Us 2
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Our The Last of Us 2 guide provides a walkthrough with safe codes, collectibles, weapons, Easter Eggs and just basic tips and tricks to help you live. The game is full of perils and secrets, and the cast are always fighting against the odds, meaning that you'll have to be as well-prepared as possible if you want to endure and survive the dangers of both clickers and humans alike. There's no way for this to be completely easy and painless, but we can help you achieve the minimum of horror and tragedy. Maybe.

Whatever you're looking for, our attached guides and walkthroughs will provide what you need, whether you just want to make the game easier, or find hidden collectibles and secrets for a full 100% completion playthrough. Just remember that any guides that cover the length of the game might have some mild spoilers in the images simply because they're taken from the later stages - no way of avoiding that, but we've done everything we can to minimize it. But with the exception of the ending breakdown and Easter eggs there's nothing here that contained any actual plot info.   


The Last of Us Part 2

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These The Last of Us 2 tips are the best place to start if you're just getting the adventure underway. There's some solid, basic advice here that covers the essentials of combat, crafting, upgrading Ellie and generally surviving. It's completely spoiler free, focusing on some core things you need to know that will make life easier.  


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A few hours into the game you'll find yourself with a large open area to explore in downtown Seattle. While the story will guide you through what you need to do, there's a lot more here than just the plot and out The Last of Us 2 map will make sure you don't miss anything. There's a wealth of supplies and things to discover and lots of amazing moments you could miss (make sure you go to the music store). This is still spoiler free as it's more or less the beginning of the proper game, after the intro hours.  

Safe codes and combinations

The Last of Us 2 safe combinations

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There are The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations to find and use throughout the game. Opening up the safes and locked doors you find around each level won't just give you valuable resources and ammo, but can also get you certain weapons and gear early. Make sure you don't miss out by using this to find every safe, and the combination to open them. 

Workbench locations

The Last of Us 2 workbenches

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Knowing where all The Last of Us 2 workbench locations are will help you upgrade your guns - so the more you can find the better your gear will get, faster. However, they're not always obvious, and some are quite well hidden away in some very big areas. If you miss out you could be delaying improvements that could help you out when things get rough. There's also a trophy in finding them all.

Training manuals

The Last of Us 2 training manual upgrades

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Finding The Last of Us 2 training manuals will unlock new upgrades for Ellie and are important if you want to craft items faster, make more stuff, or improve abilities like listening sense or crouching movement speed. Some are tucked away, some are out in the open, and while the game will make sure you eventually find them, you can get get them much earlier if you know where to look. 

Weapons and gear

the last of us guns

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There is plenty of The Last of Us 2 weapons and gear to help you as you take on clickers and other survivors. You will get all of it eventually, but if you know where to look you can actually get some things a lot earlier. There's a shotgun you can unlock in the first few hours for example, and crafting options like stun bombs and trip mines you can unlock a lot sooner if you find them in the wild. This guide will point you in the direction of the earliest possible point to unlock all the best stuff.   

Trading cards

The Last of Us 2 cards

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There are The Last of Us 2 trading cards to find through out the game as one of the main collectibles. These superhero themed can be very well hidden in more open levels, and not even that easy to see in the more linear spaces. They're small, usually tucked away out of sight and generally require a bit of digging about. So using this guide will point you in the right direction, make sure you complete the set and get the trophy that comes with that. 


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Around half way in to the game you'll start finding The Last of Us 2 coins, a second collectible that will have you poking around in all the corners to locate them. Again there's a trophy for getting them all so you'll probably appreciate some help finding them. SPOILER WARNING HERE THOUGH: It's not a huge deal but you you'll probably want to wait until you find your first coin, which introduces them, before you start looking through this guide. 

Easter eggs

The Last of Us part 2 Easter eggs

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As you'd expect there are plenty of The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs to find. From references to the last game, other Naughty Dog titles and a wealth of  video game and pop culture nods. There's even an honest to God porn reference in there. There's a bit of a spoiler risk here simply because it covers the length of the game and shows characters and locations as a result, but there's no direct story spoilers.  

How long is the game?

How long is The Last of Us 2 length time to beat

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If you're wondering how much time you need to set aside for Ellie's adventure, here's where we answer the important question: How long is The Last of Us 2? It all depends on how you want to play - tearing through the story, or savoring every second and exploring the large levels thoroughly. The length of a single playthrough can vary a fair bit depending on what you want to do and see, how you tailor the difficulty and more 

New game plus

The Last of Us 2 new game plus

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There's more to discover in The Last of Us 2 new game plus than just a chance to play through the story all over again. Here's where we cover the various new options and extra things you unlock once you've completed the game. 

Ending explained

The Last of Us 2 ending

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Obviously any discussion about The Last of Us 2 ending is going to be SPOILERS from start to finish. So don't go near this until you've finished the game. However, here's where we explore the story's conclusion, tie up any lose ends and try and breakdown what it all means. 

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