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The Last of Us 2 training manuals are special collectibles that provide new upgrade branches and skills that you can then buy with supplements. You'll have to find these books to get even close to becoming your best self, so we've laid out all the locations of the training manuals in The Last of Us 2 and how you can get them for yourself. Self improvement in the name of the game! Well, that and hitting clickers with planks.

With that in mind, here's a full rundown of where to find every training manual in The Last of Us 2. Make sure you grab them, as there likely won't be another chance in the campaign to do so - meaning you'll have to restart or reload another save to get them. 

Seattle Day 1: Downtown - Prep Training Manual

the last of us 2 prep training manual

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In the Courthouse, when scavenging for gasoline in Downtown Seattle, head into the basement office next to the lifts. You’ll find your first training manual in The Last of Us 2 there.

Seattle Day 1: Capitol Hill - Stealth Training Manual

the last of us 2 Stealth training Manual

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When exploring, look out for the petrol station. It has WLF soldiers in and around it, but the book store opposite has another training manual. Once inside, you’ll have to sneak past some infected, including one clicker. Once that’s done, you’ll find the book next to a typewriter in one of the side rooms.

Seattle Day 2: Hillcrest - Precision Training Manual

last of us 2 Precision Training Manual

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Once you spot the Liquor Store, head inside via the window and navigate down into the basement. There are a pair of Shamblers here, so be careful, but you can weave around them and crawl through a hole in the wall. This leads into a children’s bookstore, and you’ll find the training manual next to the corpse by the counter.

Seattle Day 2: The Seraphites - Chemistry Training Manual

last of us 2 chemistry training manual

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In the apartment building shown in the image, head up to the first floor and take a right, entering the residence through the door. Note the locked door on the right, and when you get to the end of the apartment, you’ll spot a workbench. As soon as you start using it, you’ll be jumped by WLF deserters. Fight them off, and then check the room that was previously locked. On the bed you’ll find this The Last of Us 2 training manual.


From this point on it becomes very difficult to address events in The Last of Us 2 without spoilers to the plot - for that reason, players who haven't reach the levels beyond The Seraphites should stop reading until they do! However, for those who have reached that point and understand why we put the spoiler warning up, read on.

Seattle Day 1: On Foot - Covert Ops Training Manual

covert ops training manual

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Once you get to the large boat that you access via placing a ladder, be sure to check inside the boat before proceeding onward where you'll find a Last of Us 2 training manual. 

Seattle Day 1: Behind Enemy Lines - Close Quarters Training Manual

last of us 2 close quarters training manual

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When you reach this street (shortly after Abby spots the WLF trucks through the window), break the window in the shop on your immediate left and look for a safe at the back of the store. Use the combo 68-96-89 to open it and grab a training manual.

Seattle Day 1: The Forest - Firearms Training Manual

last of us 2 firearms training manual

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Once you fight the large Seraphite woman with the huge hammer (the one that stole your backpack), head into the Auto Shop. When you go into the kitchen area, take an immediate right and the training manual is on a pair of drawers near the broken window. 

Seattle Day 1: The Coast - Ordinance Training Manual

last of us ordnance training manual

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After falling from the highway into the water, work your way into the ferry. When you get the Crossbow, a safe code will be on a piece of paper at the end of the hallway (90-77-01). The safe itself can be found on the top deck, with a Runner stood close by. You’ll need to turn left immediately when reaching the top of the boat, and then you can mantle up, kill the Runner, and open the safe for Abby’s final training manual. 

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