Full The Last Of Us 2 map for downtown Seattle

The last of us 2 map Seattle downtown
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This The Last Of Us 2 map for Seattle will help you earn the Sightseer trophy by revealing every big location in the downtown area. It's a large area with a lot of places to go, and a lot of it is optional, so there's a chance you might miss it the first time round.

Our upcoming map for The Last of Us 2 doesn’t just list all the locations that will earn you the trophy but also any supply stashes, or more minor locations that will help you on your journey, or flesh out the backstory of what happened in the city.

Complete The Last Of Us 2 Downtown Seattle map

Complete The Last Of Us 2 Downtown Seattle map

(Image credit: Sony)

As you explore downtown Seattle in The Last of Us Part 2, look at or pass things, or just read letters and notes, you’ll slowly add markers to the map, but you can miss some of the more obscure things if you’re not careful. The map above corresponds with all the points below, so you know what you're looking for and where.

1. Truck in the water

The last of us 2 truck in the water

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Almost as soon as you enter the open Seattle area you can head right to find a truck in some water near grey concrete and waterfalls. You can’t miss it, it’s the one with ‘Fascists’ written on the side. Open it up at the back and you’ll find it full of dead FEDRA officers and some scrap. There’s also a letter with some background info on what happened.   

2. The Court House

the last of us 2 court house

(Image credit: Sony)

To get in the courthouse, which is one of the locations you need to search for gas, you’ll have to find this truck near a military checkpoint. Climb up and you’ll be able to force a window to get inside. It’s full of Clickers and Runners which you’ll have to take care of before you can reach the lower floors by pushing open a blocked double door. Once below you’ll find a locked yellow door to an office next to the lifts you can enter by smashing the windows. Inside you’ll find a Training Manual which will unlock the Crafting Upgrade Branch. There’s also a safe you can open using the combination on the whiteboard nearby, 860722. Inside you’ll found supplements and scrap. Once you’ve picked up all the resources head down the elevator shaft where you’ll encounter some more Clickers and Runners. When they’re cleared out you can check for gas before leaving via shutter door operated by a chain. 

3. Stairway supply Stash

the last of us stairway supply stash

(Image credit: Sony)

When you get out of the Court House head left and look for this set of stairs. On the level above you’ll find a small supply stash and a letter that will add another others to the map. 

4. Ruins supply stash

The last of us 2 Ruins supply stash

(Image credit: Sony)

There’s little more than a broken corner of a building at this map location, but there’s stuff to find. Heading here will likely trigger Dina to point out a ‘dome like’ building if she hasn’t already, which will then get marked on your map for later. For now head up the stairs and smash the window so you can use the ledge to jump over and reach the other set of stairs. At the top you’ll find some supplements, some scrap and a ‘Doctor Uckman’ trading card. That name sounds familiar...

5. Truck supply stash

the last of us truck supply stash

(Image credit: Sony)

There are some trucks here and a fire truck you can see on the next bridge. If you climb up the truck nearest the fire truck you’ll be able to jump over. At the truck you’ll find an axe and a health kit, as well as a fire hose you can use to drop down and swing to a another truck on it’s side you can’t reach from the ground. Inside you’ll find some scrap and supplements. 

6. Westlake Bank

the last of us 2 westlake bank

(Image credit: Sony)

Dina should point out the bank when you approach this area. To get in head for the dark opening at the base of the ruin, almost directly under the sign. Work your way through the passage and you’ll end up in the bank. It’s full of Clickers and Runners so you’ll have a fight to clear them. Once it’s safe you’ll be able to explore a vault you can find in the area behind the counters. As you go in you’ll find a letter explaining a bank robbery plan with the code for the vault. Use it to open the door and you’ll find and unlock a pump action shotgun inside. You can also check the safety deposit boxes for a little Easter egg. Just be careful when you leave as there will be some more Clickers and Runners to deal with on your way out.  

7. Tommy’s Camp

the last of us 2 tommy's camp

(Image credit: Sony)

There’s nothing to find here really, but if you look inside the fallen building with the flowers around it you’ll find a burned out campfire leaving Ellie and Dina to talk about how it must be Tommy’s. 

8. Tank supply stash

the last of us 2 tank

(Image credit: Sony)

Inside you’ll find some shotgun shells and trigger some dialogue with Dina. Nearby you’ll also find a skeleton half buried under some rubble with a letter.  

9. Fuel Distribution / Synagogue 

The last of us 2 Fuel Synagogue Distribution

(Image credit: Sony)

Look for a building surrounded by high barbed wire fences. You’ll know you’ve found Fuel Distribution because of the big red sign that says ‘Fuel Distribution’ and the bit where Ellie says ‘fuel distribution’. The sign is right by a gate and a watch tower, head through and immediately turn right to climb the tower where you’ll find a Stun Bomb and unlock it as a crafting recipe. Once you have that, drop back down and head around to the left until you see a blue tarp covered gate in a leafy area. Head through into an area full of tall grass and a couple of runners for you and Dina to deal with. Look for a log pile that will let you climb into a new area, this time with clickers and runners to take out. Deal with them and you’ll be able to use the scaffolding to get inside the building. There are some resources to grab from the open shelves and the tables through the doors. You’ll then need to go through the gap in the fence on the closed off side, where you’ll be able to push a trolley to the far side and use it to get over the fence and at the gas. Once you’re done you can use the trolley to reach the platform leading up to the higher level where you’ll find a cable you can use to swing to other balcony and an exit. Head through the door to find the Rabbi’s office and some supplements first though. 

10. Army camp and workbench

the last of us 2 Army camp and workbench

(Image credit: Sony)

To the right of this check point you’ll find some wide steps leading up to a gate you can squeeze through. Inside the tent are some resources and a workbench you can use to upgrade your guns. 

11. Music Shop

the last of us 2 music shop

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You’ll need to use the checkpoint spanning the road you can access via the army camp at 10 to reach the music shop. Head over the walkway and you’ll be able to get through a first floor window. There’s nothing major here bar some lovely story moments and a collectible trading card. 

12. Gate West 2

the last of us 2 west gate 2

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Squeeze through the gate here and you’ll find a few resources, as well as a safe you can open using the code for ‘West 2’ which you can find on the Checkpoint Gate Codes note: 0451 (a Deus Ex Easter egg). Inside you’ll find scrap, supplement, a health pack and a collectible trading card. 

13. Coffee shop supply stash

the last of us 2 coffee shop

(Image credit: Sony)

You’ll find an old coffee shop here that you can get into by breaking the window. Inside you’ll find general resources, scrap, a collectible trading card in a drawer behind the counter, and some supplements in the backroom. The backroom will also lead through to a bathroom where a Runner will jump you. Once they’re dealt with check the baby changing station for a key to ‘Barkos’ which will mark that location on your map.

14. Barkos

the last of us 2 barkos

(Image credit: Sony)

When you get to Barkos follow the sign for deliveries where you’ll be able to use the key you found in the coffee shop at location 13. Inside you’ll find resources, supplements, scrap and - most importantly - a long gun holster which will let you equip two long guns at once without swapping them out in your bag.

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